Letter To The IGP: Re: Attack on Justice Mary Odili of the Supreme Court of Nigeria- Step too many, Arrest Adam Oshiomole

By Imo Diaspora Coalition for Justice and Democracy
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We write to roundly condemn the recent picketing of the Abuja and Port-Harcourt homes of Justice Mary Odili, following her participation in the Supreme Court ruling on the Bayelsa State Governorship case by a mob..

There is no doubt that this mob attack disguised as a protest, constituted a serious threat to the lives and property of Justice Mary Odili and her family, and was instigated by the warlord-like attitude and utterances of Mr Adam Oshiomole and his party- the All Progressives Congress (APC).

One would expect that in a secure and law abiding country, a Police Permit would be needed, and Police protection provided during such picketing, especially of a very high government official as a Justice of the Supreme Court. In this case, this mob largely had unhindered access to block the residence of a serving Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

We are of the opinion that the Nigerian Supreme Court has a delicate role in restoring the hope of Nigerians in the fragile Nigerian project. We regret the fact that in this case, Justice Odili was singled out for this cowardly attack by a political mob of APC supporters. We will therefore hold Mr Oshiomole and the APC accountable, and bring a law suit against them in the United States, under the Alien Tort Act, should any harm befall Justice Odili or any members of her family.

As insecurity of lives and property continues to rise in Nigeria, the Police must make sure that the guardrails of our democracy are well protected. Since this illegal mob threat on Mrs Odili, strangely, no known arrests have been made. We, therefore, call on you to use your good offices to arrest and interrogate Mr Oshiomole, fish out, arrest and prosecute all leaders of the mob attack on Mrs Odili, as a deterrent to any other persons, or group of persons. The due process MUST be followed and the Nigerian Police Must not be found wanting in time when things like this happen.

Please accept the assurances of our highest consideration

Prof. Eddie Oparaoji Chijike K Ndukwu
Imo Diaspora Coalition for Justice and Democracy
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