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2020 Val: Behold The World's Longest Love Poem (Vol. 2) Title: My love my all

By Izunna Okafor & Friends
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My love my all
In whose heart my treasure grows
From whose spine my pleasure flows
Nigher oh my love for in you I repose my all
Where is the inamorata who chained my treasure
She whose smile holds my pleasure!
The time fast approaches,
With its augur on rose hedges..
Where are you, my love, my all.
You whose love tower, I grow tall.
The field of love is verdant with hue;
My heart wanders for nothing, but you!
Give me the love that leads the way
And the kiss that heals the pierced heart
The faith that nothing can dismay
Lest I sink to be a clod.
Stretch your loving hand to me my love
The hand which comforts beyond measure
In the midst of adversity
You shall forever be my treasure.
Come to me my love.
And feel me all as my heart trembles for your love
Out of my loneliness
Heal me and hold me closer to thee.
Loneliness becomes an unbearable sickness
Every second your absence is felt
Storms trouble my sailing heart
In every flash of our last romance.
Never will the world ever be sweet
If not with you reposing on my laps
In you alone
I found meaningless of life without a woman.
You are my all and true love
Both far and near
For in you, I felt what Nnewi's progenitor felt for Nnobi damsel
That made him start a religion deifying her
Your love tastes like abacha
And Nwoke Udi special palm-wine
joined together
My love my all
Ị sọgbuo m!!!
The smile on your face is sun
The only thing that stands when everything becomes dark.
Your smile is a map directing men of goodwill
I will camp you in my heart forever.
For you are my salt
That flavors the taste of my love.
And you are my light,
That brightens my darkest plights.
For God's love to all,
He gave His only Son.
But for His love for me,
He gave a precious gift of you
my heart's key.
You pick the lock
Oh! You do it all over again
My heart, creaking, opening its arms to you
You, gliding in with a fragrance of warmth.
Your visits leave me nimble
Your sweet perfume arouses my soul
And when you sway, that liquefied sublime motion
My brain falls into oblivion.
Deeper in your veins my love flows
Beckoning you closer to my sinews
Peak me to the point my love temper swells
For in you all trust I my all
Your love and touch are sensational
They give this feeling of nostalgia
And make me feel like an infant
Please let me be your boo just for a day or two.
Thy love is better than wine
Thy cheeks are comely with rows of jewels
As the lilly among thorns
So is my love for you!
As the apple tree among trees,
So are you before me always.
Thy lips are like a thread of scarlet,
Onitemi! kiss me, with the kisses of your mouth.
Clothe my heart with your love,
For its own love is dead.
Toss off one bit of it,
And the garden would be finer than Eden.
Hold my lips, let's make it last,
Now I am seconds closer to you.
Let it be a thing they could jot down,
Knowing well how much we love each other.
Youare my love my all,
On this beautiful island of scented glory, surrounded by the emerald sea
Under the blue sky and crescent moon of passion
And blessed with the sweet serenade of nightingales.
I crave to dwell in the freshness of your presence
Which is as pure as a lily;
As rare as a blue rose
And as lovely as venus.
I only desire company of you
To better express the freedom
Found in our affection
For you are my all.
In sincere confession of this,
I beseech God to marry us
In timeless matrimony of divine and infinite love
Beneath the twilight of cupid's divinest dreams.
My love you're my all
My forever Valentine
My giant for eternity you make me feel secure even when all around me is chaos!
Your imperfections are nature's reward to me.
They define your humanity,
In that man who is perfect lies all the deceit in the world.
My love you're my all
While we fold and drink from each others' lips
And as moon lends a scenting aroma to our eyes
At this love station, countless for the trip,
Then I hear a voice pouring from the skies:
"This liquid love will soon solidify
Only take your sleep gently and watch tears dry
For I shall be coming by,
Yes, I."
How can I make you see what I feel
When love is blind?
When I push hard
You might think love is wicked
Here you are staring at me
The only thing I want is to deep my lips into yours
And our love will be unbreakable
Don't call it magic, it's a miracle!
With you, it's like honey and bread
Sweet to the body and blessing to the soul
My love, with you I know we will reach for the stars and even beyond
With you, I have no cause to look elsewhere, cause I am at rest.
With you, I feel complete
You make me see the beauty in my imperfections
Your love gives me room to live and truly live
With you, I am a giant with great strides.
Give me your love, and I will give you my all
Kill me with love, and resurrect me with love
For it's a season of love
Oh! Valentine is here again.


Izunna Okafor
Nket Godwin
Odinaka Nworie
Innocent Chikodiri Paul
Nwokeabia, Ifeanyi John
O'star Eze
John Chizoba Vincent
Stanley Ezechukwu
Rosemary Nwadike
Dishon Obok
Gloria Oluchi John
Kayode Awojobi
Chidiebere Ezekwesili
Marcel Ike Okonkwo
Dayo Ayilara
Maureen Onyinye Kenneth
Udo Okoronkwo-chukwu
Michael David Ogbonnaya.