A Kid Of Abducted And Killed Wife Of Kaduna Doctor Recognizes Policeman Among The Kidnappers

By The Nigerian Voice
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This dramatic encounter brings us to a saying in Shakespeare's Macbeth that "There's no art to find the mind's construction in the face...". However, it is strongly believed that there is an act of God in everything.

An act of God it was that the neighbour of Doctor Philip Ataga who plotted the kidnap and subsequent murder of his wife walked into his house, pretentiously to pay condolence for the death of his wife. There and then, one of the two kids who were freed after the ransom was paid recognized the "alleged" police neighbour as the person who ordered the shooting of their mother.

Recall that the late doctor’s wife and their kids were abducted few weeks ago, but the children regained their freedom after a ransom was paid. The kidnappers also reportedly collected huge ransom to spare the life of their mother but she was killed and her body dumped on the road side.

The "alleged" policeman was said to be the one who ordered her killing. The revelations came after he visited the doctor to pay him a condolence visit. In the process, one of the doctor’s daughters recognised him.

A Facebook user, Grace Ibrahim Kogi shared the update on her profile.