Hegemonic Expansionism and Distributive Injustice

By Anthony Chuka Konwea, PhD, PE
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He who feels it knows it. Hegemonic expansionism is the root cause of instability in Nigeria. Like a cancer it goes in remission for a while and once conditions are favorable it resumes its metastasis.

Textbook Fulani expansionism is at work in Adaraland located within Kaduna State of Nigeria, going by a report presented by the Adara people recently to the Judicial Commission of Enquiry set up by the Kaduna State Government into incessant killings in that State (ref: https://dailypost.ng/2020/02/07/kaduna-crises-adara-community-reveals-reason-behind-prolonged-unrest-in-kachia-kajuru-chikun-others/? ).

Cultural genocide is going on right before our eyes in Southern Kaduna. Modern day political slavery is happening in Nigeria where minorities have less rights than cattle. The Adara people are being systematically strangulated and politically asphyxiated.

Denied popular representation and the ability to elect their own leaders even at the grassroots, they are saddled with expansionist rulers at the Federal, State and Local Government levels. They are endangered on their own land, buffeted by Fulani bandit-terrorists. They are unprotected by the security forces who are completely under the control of their tormentors.

Their pains do not end there. A corollary of hegemonic expansionism is distributive injustice. You cannot have one without the other. In the distribution of amenities and socio-economic patronage, the Adara complain that they are denied a share not to mention a fair one. Well you have to be seated at the table to get a fair share of its spoils. The Adara are not even afforded standing space within the dining-room. This is the nature of life when you have hegemonic expansionists as next-door neighbors

It is also the height of man's injustice to man. As you read this, Adara tribal territory would in almost all certainty already have been earmarked for the obnoxious RUGA 2.0 resettlement program for Fulani herdsmen and Fulani bandit-terrorists.

As a people, the Adara people exist solely at the mercy of God. The selfish Southern Nigerian elites are unconcerned about their plight because they are as yet untouched. Many ignorant ones in their midst are even trenchant in their support for the expansionist oppressors of their Adara compatriots. Unable to learn from history, they forget that what goes around surely comes around.

To address persistent expansionist instability, Nigerians may need to embrace the idea of decentralized federal, regional, state, zonal, and community police forces. With the benefit of current experience, the danger from a rogue President far outweighs that from rogue State Governors. Ditto between State Governors and Local Government Chairmen.

To you Adara people, you may have no one to speak out for you, not to talk of people ready to defend you. But remain steadfast. God who created all peoples, has a purpose for creating the Adara as a distinct people. You have the greatest defender in God.

Men may turn their backs against you, but the Divine Creator who knows all his creatures by name, will never turn his back on the work of his own hands. Help is coming from above, sooner than you think. Be steadfast. Nothing, not even hegemonic expansionism and distributive injustice lasts forever.

Anthony Chuka Konwea, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, MNSE, FNIStructE, MNICE.

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