Fani Kayode  Lies About Name Of The Living Faith Church Bomber 

By Saleh Bature
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The police paraded a suspect to a group of journalists for questioning. They arrested him on a suspicion to bomb the Living Faith Church (also known as Winners Chapel), Sabon Tasha, Chukun Local Government area of Kaduna State on Sunday, February 2, 2020. The man appeared calm. There is no sign that the police tortured him to confess committing the crime. The man gave his name as Nathaniel Samuel. The journalists asked him: is there in any way by accident that your name is Muhammed? He answered in the negative and repeated that his name is Nathaniel Samuel.

Femi Fani Kayode, Mr. Know it all, debunks Nathaniel’s statement as a lie. In his characteristics pompous, hawkish, and loquacious way, he coins another name for Nathaniel. The nation online quoted FFK as saying: If anyone really believes that the individual that attempted to plant a bomb in Winners Chapel, Kaduna is a Christian and that his real name is Nathaniel Tanko they need to have their heads examined. He is actually a Hausa Fulani Muslim, and his real name is Mohammed Nasiru Sani." Another snag in FFK’s statement is the name Tanko. We should ask him where he got Tanko instead of Samuel as the surname of the alleged bomber.

Now who do we believe? Nobody can tell you who you are or what your name is more than you. Do we believe an abusive and pathological liar, FFK, or Nathaniel? Whoever attempts to change Nathaniel’s name for Muhammed is mischievous and has evil intent to cause religious disharmony among Christians and Muslims in Nigeria. We know the former aviation Minster for notoriety of spreading lies and hatred to cause friction between Christians and Muslims in Nigerians.

The Hausa-Fulani and Muslims are his usual whipping boy. There are a countless number of people of northern extraction who Kayode abused and denigrated. We feel it is wrong to dignify him with a rebuttal. I am compelled to write this piece to straighten the records. He does not spare even his Yoruba kin from his mischief. He has targeted his latest barrage against Professor Ishaq Akintola, the Director of Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC). The disparagement of Akintola by Kayode is childish and most embarrassing. It depicts him as someone who lacks conscience-stricken spirit. His problem is he does not accept dissenting views. He suffers from something akin to bipolar disorder.

The Igbos too had a bitter pill of FFK’s poisonous tongue. We will never forget his embarrassing and lascivious comments on Bianca, wife of late Igbo elder statesman, Nkemba of Nnewi, Odumegwu Ojukwu. He had abused, disparaged Igbo traders and asked them to leave Lagos. You can find details of his paroxysm of rage on the Igbo under the title: the bitter truth about the Igbo-Femi Fani-Kayode on Google search.

FFK has written dozens of incendiary articles that have the potential to cause a rift among Nigerians. Nigerian security should charge him for hate speech. The failure of government to check the excesses of zealots who lack self-moderation in speech is the greatest danger, not only to our democracy, but it poses serious threats to the survival of Nigeria as a single indivisible country. It emboldens evil people to perpetrate their nefarious plots to divide us and destroy the nation.

It is heartwarming that Nathaniel’s evil plot was brought to naught. We thank God that evil people and conflict merchants did not have the chance to take advantage of his dastardly attack on unsuspecting worshippers at the church. Our country is on the edge. We are at a crossroad. Nigerians are religious and hypertensive people. We should be cautious not to allow the already bad security situation at Chukun Local Government area and Kaduna state to escalate.

I advise FFK to learn a lesson from the proverb that says: Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Yemisi Wada, his estranged wife opened a can of worms on her former husband’s dirty past. She portrayed him as a man who is worse than an animal. When I read this damaging revelation, I thought FFK would remain silent, hide his face and keep away from the public glare for the rest of his life. For him to have the effrontery to abuse others, it shows that there is something wrong with FFK’s psyche. An online paper, THE NIGERIAN VOICE (TNV) has published Details of the story under the title: how Femi Fani Kayode slept with his mother-ex wife revealed. The story of Kayode’s alledged incest is on August 25, 2015 edition of the paper.

Saleh Ibrahim Bature is Abuja based social commentator and advocate of dialogue. He is reachable via [email protected]

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