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N ollywood has certainly moved to a higher level. Those in doubt about this fact were convinced during the comissioning of the gigiantic Studio Tinapa in Calabar, last Monday.
It was a day for actors and actresses as well as producers and directors to show off the stuff they were made of.

Like the stars they are, they shone all through, making eyes to pop out and jaws to drop.

The day wasn't over too early for the Nollywood stars. After the commissioning, they went back to their various hotels to come back later in the night for the main event, The Nigeria Movies Award.

In their usual manner of making a statement, the stars, dressed in all manner of attires – some outrageous and some modest – stepped out for the occasion.

Charles Okafor (an actor) is still relishing the euphoria of being newly married.

He took time out to introduce his wife to virtually everybody who came to say hello to him, while the lovely wife grinned expansively.

For the fact that he is referred to as Denzel Washington of Nigeria, Bob Manuel-Udokwu, can never stop behaving like a demi-God. He knew he was causing commotion, especially where the ladies were; yet he never tried to sit at a place, he made sure everybody noticed him.

Of course, fine boy Fred Amata was there. His latest babe, Ibinabo, was still by his side. Like two peas in a pod, they stayed glued together till the end of the show Maybe because she feels it is hard to notice her since she is very dark, Empress Njamah has decided to go blond. Her blond wig could be sighted 10 miles from where she was. No matter the scandals that have followed her, Empress holds her head high.

Hilda Dokubo is still a babe.

She has not been seen around lately; however, she still stands out from the crowd. Dressed in a lovely gown, Hilda moved from one group to another, perhaps trying to catch up on old times.

If you don't like the duo of Chinedu and Osita (Aki and Paw-Paw), it is a pity. The petite actors have got enough fans that could last them a lifetime.

Fans nearly lynched them in Calabar.

Nkem Owoh was, more or less, mobbed. The kind of ovation and attention he received could not be rivalled. Shouts of Osuofiah, Osuofiah, rent the auditorium.

Fine boy Ramsey Noah was there. Since his accident, the ace Nollywood actor seems to have mellowed down. He wasn't with any babe and he seemed happy with that.

No on The guru himself, Pete Edochie, like a chief that he is, walked majestically into the au ditorium. His perpetual walk ing stick was with him. Looking at him, you could easily separate the boys from the men.

It may be that Shan George is expecting some contracts from Lyel Imoke if he finally becomes the governor of Cross Rivers State. Since she is not from Cross Rivers State, one wonders why she had to wear a 'Vote Imoke for Gover nor, Tee-shirt at the event. But for the award proper, the babe was 'correct', looking smash ing in her dress.

The award, though schede can stop uled for 8pm, started by 12 midnight. But nobody noticed.

Guests and stars had a great time.

At the end of it all, Nkem Owoh won the Best Comedian award with his movie, Captain. Ini Edo won the best supporting role award in the movie, Girls Cot; while best actress award was given to Carol Elkanem for the movie, Mass Destruction.

Studio Tinapa speaks eloquently about the growing recognition of Nollywood.

And as President Olusegun Obasanjo came down to Calabar last Monday for the opening of the studio, he couldn't help but give thumbs up to Donald Duke for such initiative to bring the movie industry to another height.

my flow –Ben It was a day of glamour, glamour and more glamour.