When the Nigeria Entertainment Award made its debut last year in the US, many thought it was the bomb.
Now, the organisers are ready to go for even a bigger show this year. New York City is going to rock, according to the organisers of the show.

According to the organisers, NEA is aimed at projecting the rich culture of African music, tourism, art and entertain ment with the goal of creating international awareness and exposure of the African culture.

According to Mr. Martin Fayomi, president of NEA, the award which will take place some time in July will showcase the development of African entertainment and its impact on popular music.

“Our event is set to celebrate the achievement of Nigeri ans and Africans at large. We are putting together a show to honour this vision, along with innovation, entrepreneurship and brand development in the entertainment industry.” Fayomi said the award would kick off with a nominees' party in Lagos, and then a gala night in New York before the main award night in New York.

Stars like Tu Face, Carol Ekanem and Dakore Egbesun were recipient of the award last year..