FG, Borno State Govt Still Negotiating With Pensioneers, LGC Workers, LEA Teachers New Minimum Wage

By Sadiq Abubakar, The Nigerian Voice, Maiduguri

The commencement of payment of new minimum wage of N30,000 to Borno state workers has continued to raise dust among some categories of workers in the state.

Investigation reveals that some workers especially the senior civil servants received their new Minimum wage with mixed grills while the junior workers received their new Minimum wage with delight.

On the other hand, the state retired workers have been complaining and grumbling over the inability of the state government to implement their new minimum wage as their serving colleagues are enjoying.

Some of the pensioneers interviewed lamented their ordeal while others appealed to the state government to implement their new minimum wage alongside their serving colleagues .

Similarly, Local Government Council workers also complained in the same manner of non implementation of their new Minimum wage along with their Local Education Authority teachers .

Mauna Bukar, a retired state civil servant told our Correspjndent on Saturday that," We are actually not happy with the manner things were done, sidelining us as pensioners despite our meriiteous service to the state before retiring ".

" We expect that the governor who knows our value very much and have been showing great concern and favour to the civil servants will not leave us behind but unfortunately, NLC could not put us in the scheme of things.

"It only worked for the serving civil servants while we, the retirees are forgotten and not included in the new minimum wage payment that started this January 2020," Bukar said.

While Goni Adam Mustapha , an LGC worker with Abadam LGC of Borno state said," We don't have any grudge with the NLC or state government. All what we are saying is please both the NLC and state government should be considerate and carry us along in the new Minimum wage implementation.

"We are also civil servants and workers at the grassroots. Government is a three tier of Government and need to consider us for the new minimum wage payment like our colleagues at the state level.

"NLC and NULGE should not allow us to suffer unnecessarily as in the past when past adminstrations could not implement the minimum wage of N18,000 and the issue became a serious contention," Mustapha said.

He however called on all stakehders to come to their aid with a view to enable them also enjoy the new Minimum wage as state civil servants enjoy without any segregation.

While Malam Hassan Mohammed, a primary school teacher with Monguno LGC of Borno state said" It has become a tradition in the state and country at large that teachers these days are no longer valuable and regarded as a no-class in the society."

" We have been disregarded by the people and even governments at all levels hence, our salaries and allowances have become a problem. Our curricular and instructional materials as well as other educational facilities to impart knowledge in the children at th foundation level which is primary has also become a problem.

"So, when are we going to change and start giving regard and respect to teachers especially those at the rural areas and primary schools? It is all because teaching profession is disregarded as a juicy and lucrative profession and last job opportunity in the absence of employment.

"Whatever may be the case, we are calling on the NLC, NUT and the State Govenror to do sometjjng tangible about our new minimum wage. We also need salary to take care of our families and dependants.

"Government should look at us with favour and sympathy to give us new minimum wage too and improve on our educational facilities and amenities that were ravaged by the Insurgency in order to resuscitate the educational sector as there is no how development can take place without peace and education in the society.

" We however commend the ability and capability of our Govenror, Professor Zulum for his hardwork, dedication, commitment, transparency, accountability, frankness, honesty and concern for the civil servants generally across th state since he assumed office without any sentiments or bias", Goni said.

Meanwhile, in a swift reaction on Sunday, the Borno State NLC Chairman, Comrade Bulama Abiso told our Correspjndent that," On LG & LEA new minimum wage payment or implementation, the State Ministry For Local Government and Emirates Affairs will set up a committee for the implementation which we have already made a case on and forwarded to His Excellency."

"For pensioners, we are waiting for their national headquarters to finish negotiation with the federal Government and send us the agreement through the leadership of NLC",Bulama said.