Day 25: Jesus Transferred Authority

By Bassey Ekong

The position and authority that Jesus won have been returned to mankind through spiritual rebirth in Christ. (See John 3:5). Because of Christ we can live as true sons and daughters of our heavenly father, having a restored relationship of love with Him, the ability to follow His will and the right and privileges to pray. It is God’s will that every person be redeemed and rule the earth through the Spirit of Christ.

Through mankind, God desires to reveal His character, nature, principles, precepts and righteousness to the world. This is an eternal plan that applies to our present lives on earth and will apply throughout eternity. God intended man to live and work on earth. Yet because of the fall, our spirits will separate from our bodies when we die; the spirits of the redeemed will join God in heaven. Yet God promised that when we come to heaven, we will stay only until the day when our bodies will be resurrected to join our spirits. Then we will continue to rule in the new earth God will create (see 1 Cor. 15:42-44, 51-53; Isaiah 65:17).

God will not raise you from the dead just to live with Him forever. He will raise you so you can get on with your work-your calling and vocation. Today, as we live and work in this fallen world, and in the future, when we will live and reign with Jesus (see Rev. 5:10; 20:4,6; 22:5), God’s commission for us is unchanging: “Let them rule… over all the earth”(Gen. 1:26). Note: Because of Christ, we can live as true sons and daughters of God. And because of Jesus Christ, we have been given back the authority to rule the earth and all God’s creation. Glory be to Jesus!

Let’s pray: Our Father, the authority Jesus won has been restored to me and all mankind according to your will. I desire to share in that authority and see your will carried out on the earth. Use me, Lord, for your purposes, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s reading: Exodus 12-13; Matthew 16

I Can Always Face My Future Because Jesus Lives.