Man Arrested Over G20 Summit Attack

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San Francisco, June 23, (THEWILL) - A 37 year-old Toronto man, Byron Sonne has been detained and charged with possession of explosives in connection with an attack on the G20 Summit.

Police said it executed a search warrant and raided Sonne's residence on Tuesday where he was arrested as part of an ongoing investigation to secure the G20 Summit.

Sonne has also been charged with intimidation, threats against the justice system, possession of dangerous weapons and mischief.

Canada's Integrated Security Unit (ISU), which is charged with securing the G20 summit, said: "There is no risk to public safety" but would not give further details on the incident.

Some world leaders including Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan alongside Presidents of Algeria, Malawi, Egypt, Senegal, South Africa and Ethiopia will be at the Summit scheduled to begin in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada on June 25, 2010.