OPC President Inaugurates State Administrators. Tasks Them To Sustain The Part Of Renaissance In Yoruba Nation.

By The Nigerian Voice
Aare Prince Osibote
Aare Prince Osibote
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Address by the president, Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) worldwide, Aare Prince Osibote, at the Inauguration of State Administrators of OPC, on January 23rd 2020 in Lagos.

Today marks another historic chapter in the muniments of OPC. That you are part of this history means so much to the Yoruba ethnic nationality, known for exceptional and distinguished sterling qualities and virtues.

Your appointment and inauguration places huge responsibilities and demands on your shoulder as Omoluwabi. It demands diligence, conscientiousness, allegiance and unalloyed passion. You bear the cross of a pathfinder and bridge-builder as well as role model in the society.

Of course, you should expect challenges in your determination and collaboration to sustain the path of renaissance in Yoruba Nation. Don’t ever give up because the moment of challenges bring out the best in focused and disciplined men, whom you all symbolise.

There will be attempts by some elements to distract your focus but you must not forget the set goals of OPC and indeed the Yoruba Nation. The interest of the Yoruba ethnic Nation must be the first and the last in your agenda. Resist any form of lucre as such are meant for traitors, loose characters, and those willing to sell their conscience for a pot of porridge.

As State Administrators, you must exhibit discipline, comportment, vision, decorum and a high standard of integrity. You should be responsible, responsive and accountable to the people and OPC because your actions and inaction will always have immediate and long term implications for OPC that was founded and nurtured by the late Dr Fredrick Fasehun.

I know you are all men of valour; you are all true sons of Oduduwa; you are all men of honour and integrity. Show and exhibit those virtues in your dealings and interactions with all our compatriots and genuine friends and allies. Be good to all but do not allow bad elements to tar or smear you with their irritating inclination and narrow interests. Prove that you are special breeds in an oasis of morality and integrity.

You must stand firm, resolute and brave on issues, situations, real or plotted threats to the collective interest of the Yoruba people. Deploy all that is legitimate and legal as appropriate. Nothing and I repeat nothing should deter you from the defence of our people.

I thank you all.