Tri-focal Analysis Of Imo State Supreme Court Judgment

By Civil Liberties Organization


Supreme Court of Nigeria has just delivered what could be generally regarded as an aberrant brash brigandage of a judgment in the gubernatorial legal tussle in Imo State, involving Emeka Ihedioha of PDP and other parties’ candidates , one of which is Hope Uzodinma of APC. The summary of it all is the announcement of Hope Uzodinma as the authentic Governor of Imo State , replacing Emeka Ihedioha. If this lead judgment was delivered in line with justice as seen , it would not have evoked any feeling of magnanimity in evil. But it was not so, hence, the avalanche of condemnations trailing the charade of a rule accepted wiliy-nilly because the Supreme Court delivered it. You can tell that to the baboons to accept a judgment as just simply because Supreme Court delivered it. It is only being accepted because of its finality of acceptability as a rule, which we believe was the reason for its pyrrhic announcement. This episode is scripted not for legal disputations, but for the obvious fact of history and sub-justice embedded in the judgment. We refer to Jonah’s historic saying: ‘’ Legality is never the forerunner of justice, but the reverse because, that it is legal does not mean it is right , but it is right because it is just, and so legal ‘’ .

Above civil rights maxim is the x-ray of the judgment of Supreme Court against Emeka Ihedioha of Imo State. APC obtained judgment against PDP, not because PDP lacked merit, but for the fact that the powers that be wanted it so, who arms- twisted Supreme Court to go for the absurd rather that justice in their judgment. This is the heart beat of the state of the Nation, signifying the over -lordship of the powers that be in defining every other thing including legality. From Jonah’s maxim above, justice is never obtained from the Court because of technicality and over -bearance . The former is the field of the so-called sound lawyers to use in convoluted abstraction to undo a glaring truth to obtain judgment in favour, but not justice. The other is the influence of justice delivery by standing the truth on its head for the mere reason that a perceived heavy weight is contesting with a perceived feather weight. The heavy weight here is not Mike Tyson’s boxing ball , nor Alibaba of Lebanon’s tetra weight in the ring. It is simply somebody regarded as the Lord of the flies, calling the shots, determining who gets what in any case he has interest in , because his political weight is overbearing.

In this case , to hell with justice , and to hades with rightness. What is important is legality obtained by Court pronouncement. Simple. In the Case of Ihedioha and Uzodinma, one finds it very difficult to decipher the bottomline of a Supreme Court judgment cancelling the Lower courts’ rulings that were based on fact and right precedence, while establishing an evil precedence that can only propagate illegality in many times to come , unless it is reversed, which is why we are writing this episode. We ask why? We now recall that the powers that be want it so. We ask how? We think to recall the case Onnoghen and Osun State sagas where the truths were stood on their heads because the powers that be wanted them so. So, Ihediooha should not cry wolf after all because the powers that be wanted that contour of ruling to prove a point, Supreme Court was only being a legal channel for the legalized sub-justice.

Let us look at the Mathematical implication of the said Supreme Court judgment . On the average, Supreme Court added 213,295 votes which was not registered by INEC. That is , Supreme cooked up 213,295 votes right there in the chambers of a disgraceful judgment. Supreme Court added 96,458 to Hope Uzodinma, making a total of 309,753. Votes allotted after Supreme Court judgment were : Hope Uzodinma 309,753 ; Emeka Ihedioha 273, 404 ; Uche Nwosu 190, 364 ; Ifeanyi Ararume 114, 676 and Others 39, 433, making it a total of 927,630 recorded by Supreme Court in the said judgment, as against 714,335 released by INEC as total number of votes cast out of total number accredited as 823,743. What Supreme Court said is that INEC accredited 927,630 whereas INEC really accredited 823,743. So how and where did Supreme Court procure the difference of 103, 887 being the difference between 927,630 and 823, 743 ? According to INEC record , 823, 743 votes were accredited in Imo State, out of which 739, 485 were really cast, while 25, 135 were cancelled , making it a total valid votes cast as 714, 335. In distributing this total cast votes, INEC said : Emeka Ihedioha scored 273, 404 ; Uche Nwosu scored 190, 364 ; Ifeanyi Ararume scored 114, 676 ; Hope Uzodinma scored 96, 458 and Others scored a total of 39,433 making it a total of 714, 335 valid votes cast in Imo State election. How come Supreme court added 213, 295 votes to Hope Uzodinma in its judgment ? From where did Supreme Court manufacture those differential votes that are outside the recorded purview of INEC ? Yet, we are made to accept that Supreme Court is Court of justice, that its judgments are not bribed neither are they questionable because they are just . Initially the same Supreme Court told us that Hope Uzodinma was not the candidate of APC but Uche Nwosu. Yet , the same Supreme Court turned around after possible arm-twisting that Hope Uzodinma is now the authentic candidate of the same APC . So, a party can have two candidates in one election ! This is perverse and unconstitutional judgment in all ramifications of justice. But what do you expect when the Supreme Court Chief Judge did not study civil law in the university? Can this happen in any other place in this world except within the left-handed muslim-majority nations ? Its a pity , fellow Nigerians. No comment from Nigerian Judicial Council. No comment from Nigerian Bar Association. Docility everywhere, criminal justice pervading everywhere. Incongruous legal precedence established for the innocent younger generation.

What is the civil society take in this matter , you may ask ? Our take as the rights’ gladiators of the society is simply the right of all and the take of all , which is justice . What is that take then ? The 338 Ward misadventure that meant that Tribunal and Appeal Court asked pertinent question as to the source of the rejected results by both Tribunal and Appeal Court. Who wrote the said results? Why did INEC reject them? Why did Tribunal reject them? Why did Appeal Court reject them ? How come that a whole Supreme Court accepted a contorted result rejected by INEC , Tribunal and Appeal Court? On what basis did Supreme Court base this acceptability and pitch its judgment on it ? If the Supreme Court was right in this judgment and just, how come there is no one member of the State House of Assembly that emerged from APC, at least one ? The result of the 388 wards Supreme Court based its judgment was proved to have been cooked up as it was endorsed by Ward Officers at the plausible manipulable axes , but rejected by INEC Returning Officer, and so , by both Tribunal and Appeal Court. In the said 388 polling units, no other party except APC got any vote. How come ? Why should Supreme Court descend so low in this crash hijack of known justice in its judgment ?

The angle of the interest of the Powers that be appear certainly to have been the detecting secret hand in the Supreme Court Judgment . Lots of water might have entered into the fluke pipe in that Supreme Court judgment. First side of reason is the political party side vis a viz spread of the ruling party to connote a national party. Bayelsa is an oil state in the South South. The powers that be seem to have Savana location, and so, badly needed the treasure base of the Nation for littoral smoothening. In the South East, apart from Abia State, Imo State is littoral most. Besides, it was formerly governed by APC, and losing it on the ground of democratic justice is loathsome in appearance . So Imo State must be retrieved for APC on the wheel of legalized sub-justice. Having struck the deal , acceptability is another cog in the wheel.

Since Igbo land is highly Christianized, a religious pronouncement was necessary to douse tension to be generated, for Igbos to accept it as ‘God’s wish’. ‘’ A man of God ’’ had to be sought to prophesy before the D-day to cool conflagrating nerves. This so –called man of God appear to have been called to the Hill for the deal. When this prophesy of ouster of Ihedioha came , many a critic took this grand deceit for granted, but we of indebt understanding knew that something was in the offing in Imo State. A fate accompli , Ihedioha was removed from being the Governor of Imo State. Then come the similitude of military cum police peace maintenance . Recall that the same Supreme Court Judgment authenticated Ikpeazu’s governorship in Abia State and no police was drafted to Umuahia nor to the vociferous Enyimba city of Aba. Why ? No qualms was schemed because Abia State was presumed too hot for the evil racket. Besides, since APC handed over to PDP in Imo State, it was simply seen as a continuity gamble. So, the deal appear to have been struck that Imo State was to be retaken by APC , no matter what and how.

The traducers of justice in the Supreme Court sub –justice, did not care a blooper what the pulse of Imo people read. No , not a minuscule. If they had learnt the level of devastation of Imo State by the previous government of APC in the State, they could have read the hand writing on the wall why the people voted out APC. But brash brigandage blindfolded Supreme Court’s sense of reason to see why no seat in Imo State House of Assembly was won by APC, a sign post of crudity and impunity in the sawdusting of the coffers of the State treasury by the previous APC Government . Be that as it may , APC retook Imo State by convoluted contours of Supreme Court judgment. That is where the groan serpent lies, and Imo State is back to square one , courtesy of the powers that be in wanting of , atleast, a State in the South East by throwing caution to the winds.

You may ask : is this rudeness of a judgment a nuptial rule in Nigeria? We say no, please. Delineation of political contours within the ambit of the present powers that be needed Onnoghen to be removed by all means for a man of sharia to head the Supreme Court. Recall that the present Chief Justice of Nigeria did not study Civil law. But Nigerian law permits him to be a lawyer having studied islamic-sharia law. What is sharia and how do you carry it out without bloodshed, you may wont to ask ? The reply to this question is best given by Ahmadu Bello, the Premier of the defunct Northern Region, but he is late. So, let us leave sleeping dogs lie for now. But only know that Onnoghen committed no sin per se in the abracadabra that removed him from office. His supposed sin was the browbeat of religious feelings to be assuaged by appointing a sharia judge to be Chief Justice of Nigeria, dissenting voices can go to hell. Since the powers that be gravely need RUGA in the South East, and furtherance of islamic agenda ferociously propagated that , a neither –here –nor-there –in-Jesus –matters-though -not-a-muslim, has to be appointed to be Governor of Imo State from APC . This could be a remote cause in the ouster of Ihedioha. If not , why were there rejoicings in some parts of Northern Nigeria for a judgment for a far away Imo State ?

Lower still on the ladder , is the replication of Osun State saga. In this State. PDP won. APC went to Tribunal and lost. APC went to Appeal Court and lost. But the same Supreme Court cancelled the judgment of both Tribunal and Appeal Court and declared APC winner. Here we are, contesting with the interest of the powers that be using the law when they are the owners , originators interpreters cum judges of the same law. Squaring the circle is judgment located on justice in such matters. It is called truth in limbo.

But who is this prophet of doom , and why should he leave his alter to gravitate in political horizon? This is one area that befogs reason in Nigeria. But it is intermittent in our political delineations, resulting in altercations untold. God said versus God has not said, Nigeria is Lilliputian at best. This prophet of doom at Adoration Ground Enugu, has attracted who is who in Nigerian APC cum islamic hegemony, who come with fat pockets to attract ‘blessings from God ’ from the ‘ man of God’. Peter Obi was said to have come to a said bazaar, and was instructed to announce what he was to donate. In his characteristic manner, Obi rejected , preferring to be told where he would build the said ‘House of God’ , and not give some body money . The ‘man of God ‘ interjected in fury, blastering Peter Obi, adding that he would not become his Choice of Vice President of Nigeria. In the said mood, Hope Uzodinma came , donating his claimed private money of N 2 Million. ‘This man of God’, the prophet of Adoration Ministries Enugu, was said to have asked Hope Uzodinma what he wanted. Hope retorted without wasting a second : ‘’I want to be Governor of Imo State’’. The man of god prayed for Hope Uzodinma. This man of god, using his connection in Aso Rock, prophesied that Emeka Ihedioha would be removed as Governor of Imo State. But what is prophesy all about when you are an insider of a satanic racket that midwifed a foreknown result mistaken for prophesy ? Some so-called men of God will certainly have their portion in the hottest part of hell fire , either when they die or when JESUS comes back for rapture. The Adoration ground prophet appear to have become a prophet of doom and a political priest.

Another thing worthy of mention in the Imo racket of absurdities in that Supreme court judgment on Emeka Ihedioha, is that retributive justice might have come for karma on Ihedioha. Recall that Ihedioha was the boy of the late erudite scholar and orator , Chuba Okadigbo who was the Senate President during the early days of Olusegun Obasanjo’s Presidency. Obasanjo was in tandem with his Deputy then in the person of Atiku Abubakar, and the duo wanted to remove Okadigbo as Senate President, and so, needed an insider to divulge pertinent information that would nail Okadigbo. Did Ihedioha divulge this needed information to nail his Boss? We cannot really say. But one thing sure is that as soon as Chuba Okadigbo was impeached, Emeka Ihedioha swerved to become the boy of Atiku Abubakar, the ladder through which he came to the House of Representatives, to become the Deputy Speaker. Chuba Okadigbo ruled the Senate for only six months. Twenty year after, Emeka Ihedioha ruled Imo State for only six months, and was removed by the same Fulani hegemony that removed Chuba Okadigbo. Retributive Justice as Law of Karma is still working today. Also , it is a known fact that a gentle man agreement was reached between the constituency of Emeka Ihedioha-Mbaise and Ngor Okpuala to be serving one –one term on rational basis. Ngor Okpuala took a shot and obeyed the order, while Mbaise in Emeka Ihedioha reneged on the agreement and stayed (12) years of three terms, thus frustrating the agreement. Could Karma had come calling on Emeka Ihedioha in that Supreme Court judgment that removed him from office ? I do not know, and donot quote me . I rest my case here.

Convolution of contours in Nigeria cannot be untwined if a panoramic view of the nefarious activities of Fulaniherdsmen are not articulately looked into in Nigeria. To call a spade a spade, Fulaniherdsmen are killers and blood suckers marauding with AK47, but the military and police overlook them , so they kill, kill , kill kill, ad infinitum. In the light of this , Yorubas of Western Nigeria established Amotekun, which is really a forest guard initiative to protect their forests, lands, women and children from evidenced rapes and kidnappings. Hell broke loose as Miyettiallah, umbrella body of Fulanis threaten Yorubas that they cannot be given Presidency of Nigeria 2023 if they donot cancel Amotekun. Also, Attorney General of the Federation , himself a Fulani , legally banned Amotekun. Back to square one, is where we are. But islamic police called hisbah police , is operational in many Northern Nigeria states, arresting and sharializing non muslims equally in those states. The Attorney General has not banned hisbah police. The military and police cannot anymore deny the fact that Fulaniherdsmen carry K 47 and sporadically kill with it .

But what is really nauseating is the fact that the same military and police would not arrest and prosecute the same killer Fulaniherdsmen , but immediately arrest anybody seen confronting them in their killing spree or defending himself from their attacks.

So, here is the reason for Amotekun in Yoruba land , and why the Attorney General of sharia order banned it to return Nigerians to square one. What is square one? Ahmadu Bello’s 8-Point Agenda of 1953 could have answered that , but for the demise of Ahmadu Bello. Fulaninization and islamization is the same thing , and Ahmadu Bello championed it , but could not live to fulfill it, and that is what Fulaniherdsmen and bokoharam as two sides of the same coin ,are poised to be doing or achieving now, but most Nigerians are oblivious of it.


The truth is that the Distinguished Senator is the only vibrant Senator in the whole of the South East for now, and this cannot be faulted. This erudite son of Igbo, has consistently maintained that what Igbos need is not Presidency or the clamour for it, but a stood out demand for PERFECT RESTRUCTURE OF NIGERIA. This is the view of civil society in Nigeria, if we are really committed to the ever mouthed One Nigeria. But rather than some Igbos join hands to realizing this solution to Nigeria’s problem , they are busy beating the air in the supposition that they would be President 2023. But Obasanjo had already stated in London BBC Interview that Igbos are under a glass ceiling in Nigeria as far as Presidency is concerned . An Igbo politician in APC and a former Governor of a South East State appears to have been already bought over by saying that ‘’’ Presidency 2023 is open to both North and South ‘’’ Thus, Enyinnaya Abaribe, is the man to beat in his postulation on Igbo Presidency 2023. He is of the opinion that all Igbos should down tools, work with South South, South West and North Central to RESTRUCTURE NIGERIA, otherwise , Igbos would be squaring the circle in Nigeria. We stand with and by Enyinnaya Abaribe.


  1. Supreme Court should reverse itself in the charade of a judgment in Imo State and CANCEL THE ELECTION RATHER, and CALL FOR A FRESH ELECTION.
  2. National Assembly should EXTEND State Police already in vogue in some muslim-majority states in the North to the South . Each State should have State Police .
  3. Federal Government SHOULD BAN NOMADIC cattle rearing as it breeds bloodshed. Ranching should be substituted, while the Ranche should be controlled by the Local Government , NOT either Federal or State Government, but exclusively by the Local Government Council.
  4. Nigeria should be OUTRIGHTLY RESTRUCTURED by creating Equal States in Each Geo-Political Zone , WHILE EACH State creates as many local government areas as it can sponsor.
  5. State Police should be created forthwith
  6. Fiscal Policy should be 40% to the State, 20% to the Local Government Area, 10 % to the individual owner of the land where the resource is mined and 30% to the Center.
  7. The Center handles only and only : Military , Education at all levels, Currency and External Affairs.
  8. One Tier National Assembly that the Members are PARTIMERS, and convene only quarterly.
  9. Court System at all level goes to the State, while the Supreme Court is only on the four items in the Center’s jurisdiction, while the Court of Appeal is the Final in the State.
  10. Religion to be obliterated from all constitutions in Nigeria : Federal , State and Local Government: Nigeria to be A PERFECT SECULAR STATE.
  11. This Treatise is though -out and scripted by Comrade Kindness Jonah.

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