January 19: The Nature of Prayer.

By Bassey Ekong
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Tragedy came when Adam and Eve turned their backs on God and desired their own wills instead if God’s will. Some people believe that prayer originated because sin separated us from God and we need a way to reconnect with Him. That is one use of prayer; however, it is not the heart of prayer. To understand the essence of prayer, we must realize that it began with the creation of mankind. It was not instituted after the fall, but before the fall. Prayer existed from the beginning of God’s relationship with man.

The nature of prayer can be understood only in the context of God’s purpose for humanity, to commune and rule with God, which we have discussed in the last few days. The essence of prayer is twofold: 1. Prayer is an expression of mankind’s unity and relationship of love with God. 2. Prayer is an expression of mankind’s affirmation of and participation in God’s purposes for the earth.

To pray means to commune with God, and to become one with God. It means union with Him through unity and singleness of purpose, thought, desire, will, reason, motive, objective and feeling. According to H.D Bollinger, “Prayer is being expressing relationship with being.” Therefore, prayer is a vehicle of the soul and spirit by which man communes with God. Prayer is also the medium through which the human spirit affects and is affected by the will and purpose of the divine Creator. It is man co-operating with God’s purpose for the earth. Therefore, prayer is the involvement of one’s whole self with the living God.

Any Christian church or organization that does not emphasize and invest much of their time in praying but on music and liturgy, needs to wake up and let prayer be the most important aspect of its program. How much time does your church spend praying at every gathering? How many prayer meetings per week does you church schedule, and how often do you attend?Note: Prayer is the expression of man’s relationship with God and participation in His purposes. For your prayers to be answered, just like God did with men of old and Jesus Christ in answering their prayers immediately and all the time, let your prayers show your participation in God’s purpose, in Jesus’ name.

Let’s pray: Our father, your desire to commune with me is a blessing to my soul. May I walk with you in communion and unity with your Spirit, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s reading: Genesis 46-48; Matthew 12:24-50

Prayer Establishes Relationship with God.