Governor Obiano Frowns At Social Media Distortion Of His Knighthood

By Ifeanyi Okoye
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Felers reaching us from Rome indicate that the Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano is unhappy with the insinuation on social media that the knighthood bestowed on him by Pope Francis on Wednesday has placed him above every knight in South East Nigeria.

He was alleged to be angry that what ought to be a happy moment for his family and friends had been twisted into an outlandish tale of arrogance and chest-thumping by social media users who are unaware of the harm their insinuations would cause.

"I don't want this rare ocassion of joy and muted happiness in my family to be ruined by those who are making boastful claims that I'm now superior to every other knight in Igboland. That is not my attitude. That is not my way," he reportedly declared.

Sources close to the governor in Rome revealed that the governor's countenance changed when he read social media stories alleging that he had become the leader of all Catholic knights in the South East. "He didn't take kindly to those reports and regretted that the authors may have pitched some people against him without meaning to," the source further explained.

According to him, Governor Obiano was just content that Pope Francis had found him worthy of the great honour of becoming a knight. "I think that was enough for him," the source d.