January 11: We’re Entrusted with Earth’s Care 

By Bassey Ekong

God has entrusted man with the care of the earth. Man is the proprietor of the physical earth, including all living things. In Genesis 2, Adam was placed in the Garden of Eden to tend and cultivate it. This is what mankind is to do with the entire earth. God gave man the freedom to exhibit creativity while governing the earth and everything in it. Man is meant to reflect the loving and creative Spirit of God. This brings us to an interesting fact that many believers overlook today.

God did not originally create man for heaven; He created man for the earth. God is the Ruler of Heaven, and He made man to express His authority in the world. He said in effect, I want my rule to extend to another realm, but I don’t want to do it directly. I want man to share my rule. God’s plan for creation was this: as God rules the unseen realm in Heaven, man would rule the visible realm on earth, with God, and man enjoying continual communion through their spiritual natures.

God made us in His likeness and gave each of us free will as a reflection of His own nature. This does not mean that we are deity or equal to God. Adam and Eve could fulfill their purpose only by depending on and communicating with God. Similarly, we can fulfill our purpose only as we are connected to our source. However, we must recognize God’s high esteem and purposes for us. In essence, God said to man, “Let me rule through you so you can appreciate, enjoy, and share in My governance.”

Note: God created man to express His authority throughout the earth.

Let’s Pray: My father and my source, it is humbling to me to know that You desire man to rule with you on the earth. Lord, let me maintain communion with you so I can fulfill my part in your purposes, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s reading: Genesis 26-27; Matthew 8: 1-17

Heaven is God's Throne and the Earth His Footstool.