January 6: Measuring Your Believe in Prayer

By Bassey Ekong

An average Christian’s belief in the effectiveness of prayer can be measured in how people attend prayer meeting activities in their churches, groups and personal prayerful observances.

Prayer has been made a non-priority for many. Other activities seem more exciting and do take more priority in our lives so much that we have no time for prayer. We don’t mind attending Bible studies, taking part in ministry outreaches, serving on a church committee, leading or singing in the church choir or performing in the church band. We avoid prayer both individually and corporately because we don’t understand it.

Outwardly we agree that prayer is worthwhile, but secretly we wonder: Does God really hear me when I pray? Why does it seem as if my prayer just hits the ceiling and bounces back to me?

Unanswered prayer can be a major obstacle to a life of true faith. I urge you to stay with me so we can share the truth and principles in our journey ahead and it will change your outlook to God, to yourself and to prayer.

You can have an effective prayer life that will overflow into all the other arrears of your life. The principles you will discover will help clear away the obstacles of unanswered prayers that might have kept you from fulfilling your purpose, so you can enter into a new dimension of faith, deep love for God and power for service.

Note: Prayer is so absolutely important that the Lord has advised us to pray without ceasing. Please pray all the time. God bless you, in Jesus’ name.

Let’s pray: Mighty father, I don’t want to avoid praying. I want to pray all the time. Oh God lead me into a life of powerful and effective prayer from now onward. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Today’s reading: Genesis 13-15; Matthew 5: 1-26

Those Who Love Success Love to Pray and be Prayed With.