January 2: The Greatest Common Denominator

By Bassey Ekong

January 2: The Greatest Common Denominator
The Christian faith is based on the greatest common denominator; prayer.All the characters in the Bible and thousands of strong believers throughout history, all the prophets and our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, had profound commitment to lives of prayer.

The Bible records the direct impacts of their prayers on the circumstances and situations they faced. The evidence affirms one thing; no matter what you may think about prayer, it works powerfully. God’s presence and actions in the earthly realm requires our participation as human beings.

To preserve humanity from the flood, God needed Noah, to create a holy nation, He needed Abraham. To lead Israel out of bondage to freedom, He needed Moses. To defeat Jericho, He needed Joshua. To preserve the Hebrews from annihilation, He needed Esther. To secure the salvation of mankind, He needed to become a man. Now is our turn, Jesus needs you and me to change things here on earth.

Prayer is not an option, but a necessity. If we don’t pray, heaven cannot intervene in our affairs. We are put here to have authority and rights and to take responsibility for this earth and shape what happens here by our prayers. That calls us all to live prayerful lives, and our decision to do so should be immediate. Jesus told His disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up. (Luke 18: 1). I invite you to discover your authority and rights on earth and to position yourself to become a faith channel for heavenly influence on earth’s affairs. Heaven depends on you and the earth needs you and your immediate action. Prayer is one of the most exciting aspects of our lives of faith. Prayer has the power to transform lives, change circumstances, give peace in the midst of trials, alter the course of nations and win the world for Christ. Please join me and take action and pray your way to salvation and freedom. Note: Let your prayer life motivate you to develop the appetite for the Holy word of God. You’ll be blessed as you study the bible and pray with me through this year, in Jesus’ holy and mighty name. Amen

Let’s pray: Our heavenly father, thank you for providing examples of lives dedicated to prayer. Help me to have a prayer life that will bring powerful transformation to every circumstance, in our lives, family, communities, country and in the world at large. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s reading: Genesis 2-3; Matthew 2:1-12

Prayer Changes Things.