Coalition Asks Gov. Wike To Apologize To Dickson, PDP And Bayelsans

By Kehinde Adewole

The Niger Delta Coalition of Civil Society Organizations has asked the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike to apologize to the people of Bayelsa State, the PDP and to Governor Seriake Dickson for speaking in a most unruly manner and for maximum betrayal of the party.

Speaking to the Media in Abuja on Tuesday, 31st December, 2019, Comrade Fubara Briggs, on behalf of the Niger Delta Coalition of Civil Society Organizations also accused Governor Nyesom Wike of funding the opposition in Bayelsa State to the tune of N5Billion just to ensure that the PDP is humiliated.

Excerpt is the text of the press briefing:
Gentlemen of the fourth realm, you are welcome to this all important briefing. We the Niger Delta Coalition of Civil Society Organizations have been watching with keen interest the unguarded words and utterances from a man who is supposedly a leader and the Governor of Rivers State, Mr. Nyesom Wike against the Governor of Bayelsa State, Hon. Seriake Dickson.

It is rather surprising that in all the insults, abuses and accusations, the Governor of Bayelsa state has remained calm, unperturbed and docile which are fundamental characteristics of quality leadership.

Mr. Wike had accused Governor Dickson of selling out and betraying the PDP for losing the 16th November Governorship election in the state and for this reason, Governor Dickson should resign from the party.

Firstly, the entire world is aware now that there was no election in Bayelsa state. What took place in Bayelsa was that all the collation/Returning officers from Benin City were handed over to the APC chieftains in various communities and already prepared results were adopted and returned. The killings of over 20 persons in Nembe Local Government Area during the PDP campaign was a major indicator. The fact that territories were already controlled by some blood thirsty militants who refused and prevented even observers from getting to some areas was a major threat to our democracy. The fact that communities were sacked and driven away and these people became IDPs in Yenagoa due to their preference for one political party was mind burgling and an indicator that the election was already compromised. Ordinarily, the election couldn't have been lost going by the unprecedented giant -stride achievements and monumental infrastructural developments of the Seriake Dickson's administration.

Again, the fact that Seriake Dickson was able to institutionalize the culture of transparency in the state makes him stand out from most Governors. Every month, Bayelsans are assembled and all the federal allocation, IGR, expenditure, salaries, etc were stated clearly with inputs from labour, formal and informal private sector, civil servants, etc were made.

So it becomes evident that Mr. Wike is really the one who has sold the PDP by first congratulating the opposition president on his victory in the court of Appeal. Wike's candidate did not emerge in the presidential party primaries so he worked for the opposition against his party, the PDP.

The Governor of Rivers state had also funded the opposition in Bayelsa state to the tune of 5 Billion naira just to ensure that the PDP is humiliated. So if there is anyone to resign from the PDP for anti-party activities, it must be Governor Nyesom Wike. No responsible leader can achieve any meaningful milestone with the kind of flippancy, unguarded utterances and random bullying as demonstrated by the Governor of River State.

As our kinsman, we have known Wike as a local government chairman, as a chief of staff to Governor Amechi, as a Minister of the federal republic and now as a Governor. For us we do believe that something is wrong somewhere as the Wike we used to know is grossly at variance from the Wike of today who now speaks randomly before he thinks. We strongly believe that these characteristics are synonymous with alcoholism and strong intake of tramadol.

By this medium we wish to ask the Governor of Rivers State to issue an unreserved apology to the people of Bayelsa state, his party, the PDP and to Governor Seriake Dickson for speaking in a most unruly manner and for maximum betrayal of the party within a fourth night of this briefing.

Finally, it is our firm belief that leadership models across the world are competing, they are also contending. But utterances that are derogatory is by all means and ramifications certainly antisocial and inimical to all leadership qualities globally.

Thank you.
Comrade Fubara Briggs,
For the coalition.