Rwomushana shouldn't write off Dr.Besigye!

By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba, UK
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It's unfair for Charles Rwomushana to describe Besigye in today's news as " Eyakona " meaning , he is done in politics, in reference to his new year message of doubling action against Museveni dictatorship in 2020.Please, never write off anybody in politics till they are dead.Harold Wilson's First Law Of Politics: "A week, in politics, is a long time." What if Besigye and his team are planning something we haven't seen before, or we have seen it before but it becomes hard for Museveni to handle? It happens, and it can happen!

"Opinion" should be based upon objective facts, not other people's conflicting opinions. Till we see how FDC does in 2021 elections, we cannot write off anybody because of some new " boys" on the block. Whatever one may think of Besigye, he repeatedly puts the current administraion to shame, and rightfully so.

I have followed Besigye for years. Despite the fact that I've never met him( Forget Andrew Mwenda's trash), or talked him, his journey has taught me that no matter the setbacks, we must pick ourselves up and move forward. We must continue to find hope despite despair. If he decides to participate again in any elections, I will support him. I believe so many people will support him, because of what he genuinely stands for. I will never fault him over this. A man shouldn't stop a woman who has never had children, from trying to conceive again- it's unfair.

The media has, of recent, been very good at twisting every word Besigye says, or pit him against other opposition members. For instance, the Daily Monitor published a good article last week, about Besigye's 20 years in the struggle, but, in the end, they smuggled in a last paragraph, intentionally, for readers to start comparing him with Bobi Wine. One finds that so-called "journalism" nowadays tends to consist of either tabloid pap or someone presenting two statements without bothering to figure out which one is the lie.

In the meantime, voters should continue to listen to all sides in the opposition, and the arguments they are making. I'm particularly interested to see how Mugisha Muntu rolls outside FDC. I would like to hear Norbert Mao's plans for presidential elections. An old friend of mine used to say "one side seems right, till the other one's heard." Whatever your political stand, it's certainly prudent to approach things with an open mind and to at least consider the arguments of your opponent.

Finally, the politics of calling anybody a mole, or spy, or agent, must stop. It's ok to decampaig your opponent, or campaign for your candidate, but this shouldn't make us enemies. Yes, it's ok for one not to support Bobi or Besigye or Museveni, and the vice versa is true -- Uganda will continue without those three guys.