December 29:   Prayer Is Essential Resource

By Bassey Ekong

Without prayer, you cannot get where you want to go. There will be times when all you have is prayer. You may have no money, people, or essential resources-just prayer. Yet that is all you need. God will see you through. When all the trouble and opposition came to Nehemiah, he said to God, “Remember Tobiah and Sanballat, my God, because of what they have done; remember also the prophet Noadiah and how she and the rest of the prophets have been trying to intimidate me” (Nehemiah 6:14).

Nehemiah took all his troubles and enemies to God in prayer. He didn’t write a letter of complaint to the editor of a newspaper. He didn’t try to justify himself. He prayed, and God answered his prayer to deliver him. (See verses 15-16.) Likewise, when people attack your dream, you should go to God. Don’t try to explain and give answer for everything because you can’t explain anything to critics. Their motives are already contaminated, and they’ll use your words against you. Instead, stay connected to your source for the renewal of your purpose, faith, and strength and you will be able to persevere to victory.

There are many days (and nights) when I stumble into my prayer room and say, “God, if you won’t help me in this, I want You to take me home to You.” Fulfilling God’s purpose for your life can be very demanding. Sometimes you will wonder, “Am I ever going to make it?” That’s a good time to run to God. “If the LORD delights in a man’s way, he makes his steps firm; though he stumbles, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his hand”(Psalm 37:23-24). May God help you not to stumble but remain firm and steadfast so you will wave a banner of victory unto God’s glory. Note: When your dream is under attack, go to God.

Let’s pray: Father, thank You that when things are difficult and people attack my dream, I know I can run to You for purpose, strength, and protection in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s reading: Zechariah 9-12
God Will See You Through with Your Prayer.