The Sowore Intoxicating Stress (SIS) And The Buhari Presidency

Source: Prof. John Egbeazien Oshodi
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Prof. John Oshodi
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How Muhammadu Buhari, one of Nigeria's President of the most populous black nation on earth ends up being the fastest and most influential pusher to make one Omoyele Sowore an African Hope/Nigeria's collective freedom Hero unkowingly and unilaterally.

There is Hero in everyone but Muhammadu Buhari accelerated that of Sowore and future Soworites a billion times. Apart from my multiple peer review publications on black issues , I have written over 200 public opinion articles about institutional Nigeria especially, some on Buharian good approach to the treasury. But this time, Sir, you gotta let it go, got it.

That is freedom and liberty. Sir, here is my direct contact. I will meet you at your own convenience freely and at my own expense. Sir, for your own information my place of birth is same as that of Anthony Enahoro of Uromi, our 20th century freedom fighter; just like the man you now made the new hero, an ardent practitioner of felaism.

Sir, there is something I am worried about that is definitely or possibly unsettling in you, and it is not good for your inner mental and physical health ooo. I called it the Sowore Intoxicating Stress (SIS). So watch out Sir.

Prof. John egbeazien oshodi is a Professor Of Human Psychology And Founder of psychoafricalytic psychology. [email protected]