"We are committed in Bakassi" Biafra Nations Youth League, BNYL

By Biafra Nations Youth League - BNYL
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Biafra Nations Youth League, BNYL, has charged Politicians of the South-east & South-south regions to sit up and speak for their people. The BNYL said that the grievances of some pro Biafra supporters loyal to the Indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB for harassing politicians abroad was because they have lost confidence in them. The statement came few days after the group disassociated her members in the Niger Delta and Bakassi Peninsula from the threat to attack Igbo properties by Concerned Niger Delta Youths.

Linus Essien, BNYL Chief of Staff and leader of Displaced Bakassi Youths told local reporters in the evening of Monday, in Ikang, Bakassi Local Government Area of Cross River State, that his people remain committed in the pursuit for liberation of Biafra and would rather not be distracted. He said the independence of Biafra is the last hope of the people of Bakassi Peninsula, adding that the amnesty granted to the Militants in the region does not reflect to the Biafran struggle. He said that divisive comments from other section of the Niger Delta will not deter members of the group in the region.

"We are aware that in a movement like this, not everybody will understand that you mean well for them. We are not trying to please everybody but we are doing what we know best. If the government could not succeed with their securities to silence our Organisation on series of attempts in Bakassi using the security agencies, then no divisive comment from any section can disorganize us.

We are not justifying attacks on Igbo leaders, because it is not part of our ideology, but I believe that those who have decided to do that may have their reasons and I do not see that as an attack but a mere expression. If it was an attack, we would have condemned it. However, our attention was drawn to the threat issued against brethren by a group in Niger Delta which does not sound well at all. Even though we understand fully well that the group is a group of few Ikwerre youths, we are building unity and not disunity. No group should do anything that will disorganize easterners. Notwithstanding that Amaechi is not the only Igboman that has been harassed for taking sides with the government, for his town youths to begin to make threats in the name of Niger Delta against a particular people because of the action of a few abroad is condemnable.

In this current predicament, we need solutions to our problems. We need solution to our freedom. Those who fight for politicians do so because they don't know that the game is a personal interest and not the peoples interest".

The Bakassi Leader said that the Biafran supporters in the Peninsula especially members of the group will continue to hope for freedom and dedicate their strength for the quest for independence of the entire east hence the struggle is beyond what the Bakassi people will achieve alone, adding that members of the group are determined.

"Even there in Rivers State, we have engaged the youths, elders at the grassroots especially in Ahoada where we held special congress and they all endorsed our cause. Non is biased, hence I will advise every Niger Deltan to emulate the Bakassi People.

Those who still kick against the struggle we are into do so out of selfish reasons , and most times it is out of fear" he added