Bobi Is Responsible For The Mole Propaganda Against Besigye!

By Abbey Semuwemba
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I, personally, believe that both Kiiza Besigye and Bobi Wine are genuine contenders against Museveni- they aren't Museveni's projects. The people who started the mole propaganda against Besigye in order to make Bobi the poster child of the opposition, have been somehow successful on this front, but, I'm afraid, the same propaganda is so likely to bite Bobi too. There's no way Museveni would have Norbert Mao, Mbabazi, Abed Bwanika, Biraro, Ms.Kyalya, Besigye- all as his projects in the 2016 elections, since they are all now rumoured to be in his pockets.

They, propagandists, keep saying, 'Besigye twamubuka'- meaning, 'we jumped him', and I keep wondering what they exactly 'jumped', when they are still in the same hole, which has grown deeper and darker this time around. Bobi, himself, never poured ice on the propaganda against Besigye because he was benefiting from it, and that's why few people sympathize with him when Charles Rwomushana and others, flout allegations that he is also a Museveni project. Within their propaganda is something they blithely ignore- they have destroyed possibly the most genuine opposition leader of our times, and replaced him with someone who doesn't know where he is going or coming from. All Bobi sings is, 'elections, elections and more people will rise up when rigged', but what will happen to him if people don't rise up in 2021? What future will he have in our politics? Your guess is as good as mine!

Anyway, it’s difficult to know who is a spy in this crazy Uganda, but I think we should base such allegations on some facts rather than conspiracy theories. Moles are only destroyed by God, in his own way, as they die bitterly, because they mostly work in the dark. For instance, it happened to Eli Cohen who was an Israel Spy in Syria in the early 1960s- he was eventually found out and hanged publicly in 1965.There's also a crazy story about the TV drama series, “Cover up". The main dude who played the international male model who was actually a secret CIA operative, he accidentally killed himself on set with a prop gun. The gun was blank- no real bullets, but he held it up to his head, messing around, pulled the trigger. And that close, a blank can kill you. So, if both Bobi Wine and Besigye are moles, I’m sure Allah will find a way to punish them. For now, Bobi's side should stop accusing Besigye of being a mole for Museveni, and work with him.God knows best!