That Orji Uzo Kalu’s Sentence to Jail for Fraud is well deserved , but seemingly diametrically hinged on an open- secret phorbism , an Igbo Group Analyzes.

By Voice from the East-VEAST
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An Igbo group , Voice from the East-VEAST, has diagnosed the 12-year jail term handed down to the former Executive Governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzo Kalu for fraud while in office as the governor. According to Justice Mohammed Idris judgment on Thursday Afternoon December 5, Orji Uzo Kalu was found guilty of 27 out of 39 count charge of financial enrichment of self from the public purse of Abia State. He was charged alonside his Commissioner of Finance , Uche Udeogu and his Slok Airline.

While reacting to the judgment, VEAST noted that democratic judgment should not be biased or tilted towards ethnic sentiment, describing the sentence as well deserved, while urging Igbos never to tribalize the judgment. Speaking further , VEAST examined that the judgment appears to have met three criteria of someone foolishly head over heels in love with his arch enemies who cannot forgive him, no matter what. According to VEAST, the three scenarios are: (1) A man was feeding a life lion in his personnel zoo.

He had been in this business for years , faithfully feeding the lion, and he is the only one in the large house who dares fed the lion. One day, on a fateful morning, he forgot to bolt the door as usual and dozed off. The lion slipped through the small passage and saw the man, her very darling caretaker, and devoured him. (2) A vivacious animal friendly man keep riding on the back of a life tiger for the fun of it, entertaining people and enjoying it, and people clapping for him. On one fateful day, the man’s guarding stick fell off , and he stationed the tiger and jumped off to pick his stick, facing the tiger directly. He ended up in the stomach of the tiger as a prey torn to smithereens . (3) A man gave monkey water in a beautiful cup to drink , supposing the monkey would love him and give him back the cup as soon as she finished drinking. The animal refused giving the man his cup, and the man ended up fighting the monkey. While he was butchered at last by the beast ,he also lost his beautiful cup .

While synchronizing the three episodic thoughts, Convener of VEAST, Comrade Kindness Jonah said: ‘’’ The judgment is excellently issued since it was proven that Orji Uzo Kalu embezzled billions of Abia State Money, thus, impoverishing the pauperized people of the Oil rich State. What stopped Kalu from building solid roads and befitting houses for Abians? Why did Kalu Close Ambassador Newspapers , Abia State owned paper, and subsequently established his own paper- The Sun Newspapers ? Why did Kalu abandon Aba, the commercial nerve Center of the State for touts ? Why did Kalu relegate Ukwa-Ngwa Zone to the uttermost background with all ignominy, a Zone that produces the oil and other resources of the State ? How many Companies did Orji Uzo Kalu establish in Abia State? But Kalu used Abia State Money to open his private Airline called Slok Air line .

Who is deceiving who in Abia State politics as far as Orji Uzo Kalu is concerned ? What of mamacracy principle of governance in Abia State then ? Why was Kalu in constant loggerheads with Enyinnaya Abaribe , his Deputy, though Abaribe himself is no saint ?. Orji Uzo Kalu bent over irresistibly to please the moon and sword world , supposing that he would be exonerated as a fast guy. He went to Daura and was turbaned, a no mean post in the religion of violent criss- crosses. He almost made Daura his second home supposedly to curry favour from the lord of the flies that died in 632 AD. Alas , beaten to his own game of intrigues by takiyarish maneuvers, Orji Uzo Kalu is now to spend 12 years in jail. His Finance Commissioner shamefacedly noted that he used billions he stole from Abia State purse to import second hand clothes (Okirika) for Abians. Can you imagine the level of moral decadence in Igbo politicians ? Had Kalu used the monies to better Abians’ fortunes, no Abian would stand aloof see him rubbished this way. It remains Theodore Orji , and the long arm of the law should also visit him.

Let us look at Chimaraoke Nnamani (Chi Boy) in his governance of Enugu State. He was also arrested and tried. Chimaraoke established Cosmo FM and left Enugu State Radio and Television in tartars. Chimaraoke established his private University and first class secondary school. After amassing these wealth, Chimaraoke lost them to the hulks in central leadership that hate the rising sun . Rather than think deeply on their loathsome disposition tribally situated in Nigeria, Igbo politicians mistakenly conclude that by visiting Daura, Maiduguri, Kano, Katsina and Sokoto, they would escape the dragon’s trap. Sorry.

That reminds me of the sordid sight called Eastern Roads. But Enugu PortHarcourt Road as well as Enugu Onitsha Road have been awarded severally supposedly supervised by Igbo Senators and politicians. Where is the money and where are the roads ? Agree that the Center is anti rising sun, why are we aloof to the watchful intrigues of our common enemy , and keep playing into his hands always to curry favour that can never be? The gap between Aba and Sokoto is democratically closable though far. But the gap between Aba and Sokoto is most unclosable when the real issue of faith is delineated, which is the real problem of Nigeria. But these Igbo politicians are bereft of sound ideas and keep stealing the minuscule monies that trickle in to the Zone since 1970, instead of utilizing them to better the lots of their people since they are too aware that kerosine and water can never mix. Why not stop eating with the enemy , not even with long spoon? Allen Onyema did his best in Niger Delta Programme of resettlement of Militants, and Nigerians full know it. Where did Onyema get the money he used to open his Air line ? Do we conclude that he got the money outside Amnesty Programme ? But other non Igbos too are same guilty of the same sin, and why haven’t the same touted fighters gone after others ? If you must go to equity , you have to go equity with clean hands. But Allen Onyema seem to have failed to do so, and there is now a problem. It remains Rochas Okorocha to my view. Living in Jos and speaking Hausa fluently cannot save him when he has crossed the Rubicon. What was the sin of Allen Onyema ? It is not unfounded with the fact that he was instrumental , by his Air Peace Airline , to the timely vacation of Nigerians in South Africa most of who are Igbos , from mass killing by zenophobists . Onyema thought he was doing a good service to father land. Allas, the owners of Nigeria who are rarely found in South Africa reasoned that Onyema had crossed the Rubicon and elicited international gangsterism against him using his dark records which are really white in comparison with theirs . But a little shit is all that is needed to do the dirty game of rubbishing any Igbo man in Nigerian politics . Why was Ibeto cement banned ? Why is Capital Oil in serious problem now and silently lowered ? If you must go to equity , go with clean hands. Instead of building a serious Igbo party, Igbo politicians are running to Sokoto or Daura to garner support. Sorry again , and they suppose that they cannot become anything in Nigeria except they play dirty game of singing the dirge of Igboness , while vocalizing and inspiriting anti Igbo slogans to please the bloody hulks that cannot be pleased at last , except they convert to the religion of special peace . This religion of special peace is the sole determinant of the fate of Orji Uzo Kalu, Joshua Dariye and Nolly Nyame all now castrated for sins also committed by other governors in the religion of special peace. Former governors of Sokoto , Borno, Adamawa, Katsina , Zamfara, Kano, Kebbi, Niger , Gombe and Kwara states are all cut in the same cobweb as do Kalu, Nyame and Dariye, but for the all important reason that they are all members of the same religion where the founder does not permit punishing unbelievers alongside believers, they are scout free gallivanting . Igbo politicians have not realized this all important point. Who is the Chief Judge of Nigeria if I may ask ? Did he study civil law in the university ? Why haven’t the Nigerian Bar Association talked or protested ? Their collective failure to publically talk is the sole reason why despite the nearness of Orji Uzo Kalu to Daura where he was eventually turbaned, he is still regarded as aruna, and so, must be disciplined. Danjuma Goje has a case with EFCC as well as Sule Lamido. What has happened to them now? Any arrests? Any detention? Danjuma Goje obeyed Buhari and stepped down for Lawal as Senate President and today, he is a highly respected and distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic. But Orji Uzo kalu obeyed the same Buhari even far more than Goje , but was imprisoned . Why ? Chimaraoke was freed by plea bargain, but Goje or Lamido was allowed to go with all his said loot as EFCC could itemize, without plea bargain . Why ? Whoso pays the piper dictates the tune. And the religion of special peace is now paying the piper , and so, must dictate the tune in the now whether corrupt arunas like it or not. Igbos have not learnt their lessons as far as religion of special peace is concerned . EEDC boss is Emeka Offor. History has it that Emeka Offor built a modern library in Daura with state of the art infrastructure . Why, if not to please the same unpleasable religion of special peace to cling on to his personal euphoria of destroying fellow Igbos ‘ fortunes by epileptic power supply by EEDC in South East ? The same EFCC has invited now, the immediate past Governor of the same Abia State – Theodore Orji for an alleged 27 billion naira loot. Soon he stands a chance of being jailed as his former boss because T. A. Orji was forgetting that he is an aruna as he was looting the treasury of Abia State dry with his family . Former Senate President from Enugu State was said to have accumulated much wealth , and built too many houses and estates . He was said to have invited his blood sons from their oversea bases , to lead them round his estates as they were to inherit them, as he was aging, preparatory to his death . To his greatest chagrin , the sons bred overseas with culture of satisfaction berated him , and asked him what he was doing with all those estates when his immediate brothers and relatives had nowhere to lay their heads . The said Senate President was enveloped with and in shame. Tomorrow if Buhari probes the source of wealth of this said Senate President, you tell me to oppose Buhari and support the Senate President for the flimsy excuse that he is a fellow Igbo. Sorry, I can’t do that. Evil that men do lives after them. You may now ask : why not return Orji Uzo Kalu’s loot to Abia State since it was looted from Abia State treasury. That is you logic as an Igbo man, but religion of special peace does not think that way . To this religion, Centralization of Power is the gambit and default game and corrupt Igbo politicians must understand this . Any loot from any Igbo State cannot be returned to the Igbo State after recovery because an alkaferi as surnamed in the religion of special peace, does have that right , no not in this life. Fullstop. Former Lagos State Governor was quoted to have financed a President’s political ambition with many multiple billions of naira if not trillions , packed in two bullion vans in one Kwara State part of the elections. He was quoted to have boldly owned up to owning the monies. But EFCC did not invite him neither has questioned him. Can an Igbo politician do the same and survive it ? Recall that this said former Governor of Lagos State is a member of the same religion of special peace. Igbo politicians have not learnt their lessons. ‘’’ So, let Orji Uzo Kalu bear his cross, VEAST concludes