Flood Takes Over Rann Town in Borno

By Sadiq Abubakar, The Nigerian Voice, Maiduguri

The trends in Rann Town, the headquarters of Kala Balge LGC of Borno state which was a stronghold of Boko Haram insurgents since the beginning of the flood clearly depicts a humanitarian crisis that is calling for immediate, timely and urgent sustainable response from concernrf actors.

IDPs were said to be facing shortage of food and non food items since returning from Cameroon Republic on 19th February, 2019, noting that, the situation became worse during the rainy season and was compounded by the flood Disaster.

A Social worker attached to one of the NGOs reliably told The Nigerian Voice in Maiduguri Monday that the flood is an annual incident but rarely of this magnitude. As a result of inaccessibility and limited humanitarian interventions, returnee IDPs relly on their farms for survival. The farmlands are now taken over5 by flood water.

He added that those who can afford the journey have departed to Gamboru via Cameron. The distance from Rann to Cameron is about 9 kms but now, it is submerged by water.

According to him, within November; 243 households, 759 individuals departed while some surrendered to fate. Others whose farms were not flooded decided to struggle against the advancing flood by constructing sand barriers to protect their farms,.

"But they are not secure on the farms. On 22/11/2019, 3 IDPs were wounded and 8 girls abducted by AOGs.

"Today one man was killed and many women and girls escape abduction by running home without wrappers and shoes.

"Food items are too exorbitant with daily price hike and limited availability. Departing is becoming more and more difficult and expensive".

He suggested cash intervention as the only option left for the IDPs.