Nigerian Startup Tizeti Rolls Out Its First 4G LTE Network

By The Nigeria Voice

With the highest number of Internet consumers in sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria is witnessing an unprecedented growth of online-based startups. Plus, the country is developing with an improved internet connection. Tizeti , one of the leading broadband internet service providers in Nigeria, has launched its first 4G LTE network. The company has built its premier solar backed 4G capable tower in Port Harcourt, one of the largest cities in Nigeria. The new chapter in Tizeti’s journey will strengthen its customer base and will help expand to new territories.

Tizeti’s Role In Nigeria’s Internet Connectivity

Nigeria’s startup sector is booming with innumerable firms backed by global as well as national venture capitals. Broadband internet is essential than anything, and not many firms provide the 4G internet data since it came to the country recently. Tizeti is exceptional with its affordable plans and solar backup.

“We leverage inexpensive wireless capacity and the plummeting cost of solar panels to create a low capex and opex network of owned and operated towers,” CEO and co-founder Kendall Ananyi told TechCrunch.

It provides wireless internet connectivity at “30 to 50% the cost of traditional mobile data plans.” The unlimited plan is equivalent to $26. Drawing the attention of growing customers, it has enhanced internet connectivity in several ways. Tizeti’s Voice Calling Service

Tizeti introduced an unlimited voice service app for Android and iOS mobile devices named in April 2019. Similar to Skype , the app meant for both individual and business needs. According to Tizeti, the app will “reduce calling costs for businesses by 30-50%.”

Growth And Expansion
Founded in 2010 by Ifeanyi Okonkwo, Kendall Ananyi, Tizeti’s primary market is the city of Lagos. The news of its first 4G coming on the heels of the expansion of its unlimited WiFi connectivity in Ghana partnering with MainOne . Its last financing round of $3 million closed in September 2018. As 4G is going to be spread all over the country in the coming days, Tizeta expects fast growth.

Source: StartupWorld