Murder Of A Road User By 4 Federal Road Safety Officials callous, wicked and detestable - Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)

By The Nigeria Voice

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has described the killing of a road user by four officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) as callous, wicked and detestable.

The officers allegedly beat a man to death for resisting their attempt to collect bribe.

Odion Omafo Samuel was allegedly killed by Francis Igboh, Sunday Ogi, Samson Alolade and Joseph Onolade on 14th October, 2019 after flagging down his Audi 80 car at Okhuaihe Hill along Benin-Agbor Road.

His body was reportedly buried in a shallow grave by the suspects. The group demanded the prosecution of the suspects.

It added, “The killing of Samuel Omafo Odion is callous, wicked and detestable. FRSC men have disappointed Nigerians.

“The same people posted on our roads to ensure our safety have become our killers. Men of road safety have become road killers. It is preposterous. This is additional evidence that there are criminals among officials of the FRSC.

“We demand immediate prosecution of the suspects. There must be no coverup from anywhere. We call on FRSC authorities to stop their men from flagging down motorists on lonely highways. Such method is an avenue for extortion, intimidation and other criminal activities like this recent killing.

“FRSC officials often expose motorists to danger by stopping them in odd places. Vehicles stopped on lonely stretches may refuse to start when the driver is eventually allowed to go. This is very dangerous particularly with the security challenges facing Nigeria.

“FRSC leadership is therefore urged to inject a human face to the modus operandi of its men. Besides, there is need for FRSC leadership to review its recruitment methods with a view to weeding out criminal elements from inception.

“In addition, we appeal to Nigerian lawmakers to protect Nigerians from FRSC killers by taking urgent action capable of stopping FRSC officials from flagging down motorists in dangerous places. Our lawmakers should not wait until Nigerians start ignoring stopping signals from FRSC officials out of fear for their personal safety.

“As we drop the anchor, we call on the Nigerian police to ensure unhindered prosecution of the four FRSC suspects until justice prevails. We charge FRSC leadership to stop their men from flagging down motorists on lonely highways. We appeal to Nigerian lawmakers to rise to the occasion.”