“Firm’s Edu-Tech App to revolutionize Kids’ learning in Nigeria…“

By The Nigeria Voice
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LAGOS – A Nigerian educational technology company, 9ijakids has launched its mobile application to enhance the learning experience of children and revolutionize kids’ learning in Nigeria. The App, built around the Nigerian school curriculum, addresses challenges associated with learning, using technology and games, to build fun, alternative learning and instructional opportunities for kids, whilst teaching them core skills and values.

Speaking on the 9ijakids kids learning service, the Vice President, Global Business Development and Co-founder 9ijakids, Mrs. ‘Titi Adewusi disclosed that the company is passionate about grooming a generation of children to become successful business-people, develop an entrepreneurial mind-set, and are great citizens with integrity and honesty. Adewusi said the convenient and easy to use 9ijakids app will help children learn Mathematics, Science, financial literacy, English, Grammar, Music, French, The Bible, Nigerian History, Democracy, and Sports, amongst other subjects to promote the total learning needs of the Nigeria children.

According to Adewusi, “My passion for kids learning really kicked into high gear when I started helping my younger Son, a typical digital native, with his schoolwork and learning needs. I quickly noticed he could play games on any phone or tablet but wasn’t interested in learning when it came to schoolwork and conventional learning, he could make up a million procrastination excuses; I am tired, I am sleepy, I want to drink water, I am hungry, etc.

“However, once he was given a smartphone or a tablet, he transformed into a ‘genius’. I also understood that this was a familiar refrain with many parents. It was at the same I also realized that this was an opportunity to teach my Son the way he wanted to learn. In this case, make his learning experience fun, using songs, hands on activities, stories, and games; using the power of technology. All of these led to the development of the 9ijakids learning games.

L-R: Mark Brooks of Mark Brooks Education, Jide Ayegbusi, Chief Education Officer and Founder of Edusko Africa, & 'Titi Adewusi, Vice President, Global Business Development and co-founder of 9ijakids at the firm's event in Lagos.

“At 9ijakids, our strategy is simple; we develop games that children love, to teach them core skills and values, so that learning seems, feels, and sounds effortless. We are passionate about building a generation of children who become successful business-people, develop an entrepreneurial mind-set, and are great citizens with the right values, like integrity, honesty; using technology to make learning exciting and fun for the kids.

She further explained: “Our Brainiac games in Mathematics & Science are specifically developed to help kids learn the subject of Mathematics & Science. Our Kiddiepreneur games focus on teaching kids’ financial literacy; specifically developed to help kids learn the basics of savings, investment, and good money management. Our learning games also include English & Grammar, Music (including indigenous musical instruments), French, The Bible, Nigerian History, and Democracy, Sports, developed to promote the total learning needs of our children, whilst teaching them in a way that is fun and propels the kids to live a life of excellence.

“We also recently launched our activity puzzle books, with fun games that help kids learn about the Bible, Nigeria, Financial Literacy, Coding and STEM. Through our work as Entrepreneurs, Women, & Sisters, we are excited to inspire the next generation of women founders, co-founders, & technology entrepreneurs to follow their passion into the Education technology and kids learning sector.”

“With over 200 games for kids from age 3-11 years, the 9ijakids app (available on the Apple App store, the Google Play store, the Windows store, & the Amazon App store) is an end to end solution focused on academics, cultural values, and entrepreneurship; as well as a unique learning game on Nigeria that explores the sights, sounds, food, & people of Nigeria”, She added.