Why Honour "this" Broken Contract?!

Source: Dr Tosin Akindele.
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Contracts are binding on parties involved... the compelling factor reining in and restraining one party to the terms of the contract being that the other party lives up and is seen to live up to the terms of the contract!

The social contract existing between government and people presumes that such government holds funds accruing from taxes, other levies, minerals and other resources in trust for the people and uses it for the common good.

The people then perform their side of the bargain by doing duties including paying taxes in proportion to their earnings!

The Nigerian scenario is such that the nation is ruled by a bunch of shameless and unremorseful thieves who steal our commonwealth, provide near-zero services while bullying the citizens to pay up spurious taxes. They even tax masses of unemployed people who are asked to borrow money to pay taxes!

But the people are so idiotically cowardly that they pay undeserved taxes to the thieves in government rather than mass together to refuse them!

What on Earth is wrong with our people?!!!
Do these morally bankrupt people in government outnumber us?!!!

Can they possibly force everyone to pay up?!!!
Can their dogs in uniform possibly kill everyone in the land?!!!

There's something called civil disobedience...just in case some of my readers are not deaf, bind and dumb!

Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical doctor and public affairs analyst.