Chibok Girls: To Talk Much Of Kaduna Abduction

By Aduwo Ayodele

Insecurity is increasingly alarming. Anyone can be masked away anytime. While we still fight terrorism, against what is contrary for every good citizens, there is an acute reduction of sound judgement within the social circle. Nigerians are reduced in numbers and quality. Lossing lives become the commonest. Properties in past and present times were and are occasionally robbed away or misplaced and unfound. Without mincing words, the Government from our experience have taken two tangibles but ineffective steps to overpower insecurity. The plural steps to purge more finance and like the news had always reported, buying more ammunitions (invisible cum visible) into the security system are good enough but unyielding. Closely to say useless.

The pigment to disorder Nigeria is booming. Hardly can we state the differences between a bomb attack and a rape case because the two are becoming mutual and they possess the same behavioural features. That people can be violent to another or be despoiled to another's face is an insignia of such a peak of insecurity humanly reached.The edgy travail is the trait of uncontrolled error otherwise called terrorism in the veins of Nigeria. Marking the broad line of Nigeria's deadliest terrorist sect, Bok Haram, abducting 287 schoolgirls. One of such experience the next generation would surely learn about.

Since 2009, Book Haram have developed in the appearance of Nigeria, establishing complete antagonism. The actual number of lives displaced as a result cannot be figured. It grows into weight occupying the volumes of the dailies. One of the terrific activities of this sect happened April 2014, during which 210 girls were carted away.

On that day, they came in the name of the most merciful, Allah.With heavy trucks readily invented to pass out its victims into the Sambisa forest. At their arrival at the school, they lied they were army. Later, they declared the truth, "we are Book Haram!". And so they were.

Efforts to awake the government into materialising her promises of bringing the girls back, conquering the deadly sect and renovating the affected States and the people's welfarism are unfulfilled. More attacks have continued to resurface.

In the moment, while Nigeria is yet to deliver her innocent girls or have forgotten these girls, it is unfortunate similar occurrences happened in Kaduna state. It is becoming a question to know and understand why there are attacks on members of the academia. As even the academic environment is a mixed fraction of cold and hot rape, rituals, illicit ideas, actions and reactions. Unfortunately, a professor can disappear without interest or personal approval, an institution can be totally displaced into disgust and into painful memories to the peakest of shock. In other cases, the victims are not restricted, everyone everywhere is capitally unsafe, first, in self hands and through the next kinds of hands, from people to people.

After the unsolved complexity of the Chibok girls, in a moment of two thousand days after, very similar, the country is amidst the red sea of furious abduction.

In Kaduna, it was convenient to attack students, a teacher and a matron at Engravers College, a mixed boarding school in a remote area south of the city of Kaduna, because it is workable for armed robbers to preplan, plan and constitute crimes unexpected for suppressing security agents. In the process, six people have been carted away and since, there have been thorough continuing investigation. After the abduction, the kidnappers reached a conclusion that the six abducted students would be released for fifty million naira, later inflated up to eighty million. Very chronic situation. Deeply pathetic and awful, human lives have been a commodity in the black market industry, thriving in the giant of Africa.

Every time there is one or more lawless happenings about Nigeria security system, the unscramble of dispensing responsibilities by security agents troupe out to be a cause, acts such as distrust, lack of dedication, loss of passion and insight, corruption, bulking crimes for people and many other styles of frivolities, prevails as what they are renowned for.

When we mention the shortcomings of Government in tackling insecurity, it is impossible to overrule that security agents are long reasons why we are what we are in terms and condition of securing lives and properties.A National Youth Corper felt distressed about the violation caused by security agents in Abuja, complaining how she boarded a cab at a community settlement called Lugbe on a Monday morning and how her phone was robbed away in a cab by another woman. She completely became misplaced at Area 8 police station when told to pay twenty thousand naira before they could look into her case. Such is what Nigeria becomes under the administration of a President, who previously was a militia, who should better understand how not to do it, how to be surrounded with patriotic service men.

Magnificent is the way the act of kidnapping returns with renewed energy, invading and its raid going ceaselessly. A week after the kidnapping at Engravers College, another sprouted in Kaduna at Government Technical College, Mararaban Kujuru in Kajuru Local Government, where the Principal of the school, Mr. Francis Maji, was carted away.

The similarities from the two following scenes are the times when these crimes were committed and the massive numbers of the characters for the smooth running of the invasion and raiding -the numbers of the armed robbers. It was explained that the armed men were closely twenty and they strucked minutes past twelve in the morning. This meant they were within vicinity, conscious about the action in overcoming their way out of those communities, prevailing over local security personnels and suitably the dark nights was the mask for their smooth running.

The October 3 abduction of six at the Engravers College and the October 10 abduction of one at the Government Technical college talk more about the innermost contention and true meaning of how insecured we are, how we rate lives cum our interpersonal relationship. To say we have conquered or wanting to conquer, it is not a game reserve of hiding and seeking armed men alone. Understanding that these crimes were perpetuated by Nigerians, people who don't write negative behaviours on their forehead. This means from the inability to be effective and efficient, Nigeria's security system from both side, the society and those lawfully tasked to protect, have failed, making the nation thereby prone to more harms and the Northen States without exception exposed to attacks and elasticity of setbacks.

The essence of security education is crucial. The greatest safety measure is to understand what to do and what not to do. This measure would preventively safeguard how possible the society can be corrected. Like a gang of kidnappers all of the time grow confidence in their negative behaviour through the silence of those who failed to appropriate them into qualified manners, in equilibrium will their worst be. That Community development these days have been done out of the essential need in making youths checked as a proper member of the society, there would be more to regret unless the revolution of orderliness begins now. Parents should take ethical security lessons. They must understand and teach their wards all of the emergency actions, and anticrime values. This would go into rooting desirable results in ensuring social sanity.

Kidnappings is a result of bad governance. Those abducted have a lingering stark mind, apart from psychological effects. Until the Government and every citizen completely become responsible to their task, nothing would rationally change in the upsurge of insecurity.

Aduwo Ayodele writes from Ibadan, Nigeria. He can reached via [email protected]

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