Ethiopian Airline Managers Must Be Held Responsible For This Crash!

Source: Dr Tosin Akindele.

Ethiopian Airline pilots observed a faulty sensor and software that forced the noses of many units of brand new Boeing 737 MAX 8 down severally needing to be manually righted and reported it. The pilots also observed and reported the asynchronous instrument systems between their decks and those of flight engineers, often compelling them to hand over flights to the engineers whose instruments... regarding altitude and speed were more accurate.

The airline in the usual manner of companies fixated on pecuniary gains, must have compelled its pilots to persist in operating this aircraft, only waiting till a crash before joining other airlines in a panic grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX 8!

A similar crash occurred under identical circumstances involving an Indonesian airline also during takeoff just five months ago. And these faulty aircraft were brand new!

Boeing and its western propagandists were quick to cast blame on "the poor safety record of Indonesian airliners". But how about Ethiopian Airlines that has as excellent safety record?!

The press:
"China and Ethiopia have grounded all Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft while a number of airlines across the world are carrying out safety measures on the jets following the Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday that killed all 157 people on board. On Monday, China ordered its domestic airlines to suspend the commercial operation of nearly 100 of the jets in question. Ethiopian Airlines followed China's announcement by grounding all of its Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft as well, according to a spokesperson.

The crash, that took place just outside Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa, comes just months after another deadly accident involving the same model in Indonesia when a Lion Air flight crashed after take-off from Jakarta in October, killing all 189 people on board.Noting the "similarities" between the two accidents, China's Civil Aviation Administration said domestic airlines have until 6pm local time (10:00 GMT) to ground all737 MAX 8 aircraft."

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