Fraud In The Name Of Bail


…. A silence falls upon us all… Sadness and fear and hate,how they well in the heart and mind,whenever one opens the pages of these broken tribe,for the law and custom that is gone. Aye, and cry aloud for the men who are dead ,for the courageous souls who are no longer with us,for the women and children bereaved. Cry the beloved Aniocha South, these things are yet at an end.

The sun pours down on the earth, on lovely land that man cannot enjoy…

On a daily basis the fraud going on at Ogwashi-Uku Police station in the name of bail calls for serious concerns by well meaning citizens of South Local Govt Area of Delta State,Inpector General of Police,Commissioner of Police Delta State and the Area Commander of Police in Ogwashi-Uku.

The continuous extortion of money ranging from 50,000,30,000,20,000,15,000,10,000 Naira from poor hapless citizens of Aniocha South all in the name of bails should be condemned by all law abiding citizens of Aniocha South Local Govt Area of Delta State but what puzzles us the most is that Nigeria Bar Association Ogwashi-Uku and Aniocha South are not bothered about the violation of the fundamental human rights of the citizens.

We are beginning to believe that the police authorities are truly giving police officers target of how much money they should raise for them because these officers always claim that they were given targets by their bosses yet they campaign daily on the social media and electronic medias that the police is against corruption.

Another issue that puzzles us is that when one goes to police station to bail someone you are asked to buy dettol,toilet rolls or drop money for these items.They also claim that money for Biros and papers for writing statements are not provided for which made to resort to extortion of monies in the form of bails.

We call on the Federal Government to beam their searchlight on anti-corruption to stop these corrupt practices in police stations across the country and in particular Ogwashi-Uku police station because the corruption going on there stinks to high heavens.

EZIOKWUBUNDU ATUEGWU Is A Social And Political Critic And Lives In Abuja.

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