Long Absence Of Aisha In Aso Rock Is A Non Issue , Only The Squabble Between Buhari And Osinbajo, Really Is.


Absence of First lady in Aso Rock is a mere oxymoronic non issue, only the state of the Vice President matters, an IgboGroup Projects .

An Igbo group, Voice from the East—VEAST, has stated that the so–much advertized absence of the First Lady-Mrs . Aisha Buhari in Aso Rock as inconsequential , describing it as a mere oxymoronic non issue. In a statement delivered to journalists by the Convener of the group, Comrade Kindness Jonah, VEAST made a call for less emphasis of the issue since it is the exclusive private affair of Aisha to live and be anywhere she wants.

However, he noted that equity demands that a First lady should be constantly near her husband to aid in keeping the President in good mood to perform his duties, and so, descried the long absence of Aisha . The publicity given to this purported lacuna is not worth it, the group asserts, rather it says that the snag is the political altercation existing between Buhari and Osinbajo that has lately been in the front burner which is now an open secret. Many people have tended to proffer solution , but it appears that the power that be are hell bent on removing Osinbajo by impeachment, the group opins.

The removal of Osinbajo is rather, what should border Nigerians, and not whether Aisha has stayed two or more months outsider Aso Rock or not, VEAST notifies. But a panoramic view of this twining imbroglio , notes Comrade Jonah, would reveal a situation of as oxymoron in literal appreciation would reveal. In analyzing further, Comrade Jonah notified that if absence of Aisha Buhari in Aso Rock has no link with the travails of Osinbajo in Aso Rock, then it is a mere fabrication of the press. Nonetheless notes Jonah, both political specimens are pointers to the fact that all are not Uhuru with the situation of things in Aso Rock as well as the Presidency is concerned.

One school of thought has argued that Aisha’s absence from Aso Rock inserts daggers into the disbelief in the assertion by Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB that Buhari has chewed the Gordian nut Quoting IPOB, Comrade Jonah examines that it was only such catastrophic dissuasion to accept unfamiliarity as second half of self that could force a legitimate wife abandon her matrimonial home. Sequestrating further , Comrade Jonah noted that forced sex with unfamiliarity would ditch any commitment to love forever, and so, could pursue a purported lover to behave abnormally. But that in Nigeria’s case, remains mere semantics, stipulates VEAST, which asserts that the State of the Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo in his current relationship with his boss seems to be a pitiable sight for lack of trust between them .

VEAST recorded that both Yemi Osinbajo and Babagana Kingibe are holders of Grand Commander of the Order of the Nigeria-GCON, which was possible to have been exploited by the power brokers to replace the replaceable, since anything goes , is the slogan in Nigeria’s political space . But what really is the crucial reason for this grandstanding one may ask ? VEAST maintains that IPOB certainly may not be right in its assertion that Muhammadu Buhari is dead, and so deceiving Nigerians that wise, is simply an ideological clap trap that must be unveiled by factuality to unruffle convoluted political feathers since the said Buhari’s sickness and non subcutaneous intent return to assume powers from Osinbajo, laments Comrade Jonah, who adds that plausible quell of foreseeable ruptures in Nigeria’s political contour when Mathematical Quod Erat Demonstrandum ( Q.E.D. ) is called into play in solving Muhammadu Buhari’s existential Algebra as mooted by IPOB, could have informed the unfolding scenario explicable in the drama of rulership diversity being watched by the Vice President - Osinbajo. ‘‘‘ If Osinbajo was impeached, and replaced by a Yoruba, say Ahmed Tinubu, it is still a Yoruba in Power of second fiddle who may become the liberano uno whenever the cat is laid out of the bag, in supposition that IPOB ‘s grandstanding is anything to go by . So , the powers that be brainstormed : the moon-and-sword, to flutter dove coats in the up -to -date unfettered obedience of Osinbajo to Buhari even when it was an open secret that things were not uhuru in Aso Rock .

Unforgiving fellows may stick their necks that Osinbajo should be left alone to fulfill the law of karma. But thinkers for better Nigeria are prone to looking above the trash of the now , veering into the gloomy future of political statehood and Nigeria’s oneness. On this elevation comes the elixir long expected. Tantrums are thrown to rubbish clannishness and to plausibly project nationality first as gambit for quality, but not equitable replacement of Osinbajo , the end result of which is that North is now the second in command , an arrangement that gives a better alignment , infact the very best option, and better , the platform to retain power not necessarily in the North, but in the hand of a caliphate descendant when the live line lid of Muhammadu Buhari as President of Nigeria is blown open . ’’’

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