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Movie producers may no longer find it easy use of Nigeria Police Materials. In a statement issued by the Lagos State Police and signed by Police Command Public

Relations Officer, Mr. Olubode Ojajuni a superintendent of police. Ojajuni said, “The Commissioner of Police Lagos State Command, Commissioner of Police, Emmanuel Adebayo has observed with great dismay, the reckless use and abuse of police materials like uniform, vehicles and other accoutrements in the hand of film producers which portray the image of the force, in some cases in badtaste.” He added that the Commissioner of Police, has directed that all film producers intending to make user of police materials must apply to the commissioner of police, through the office of Police Public Relations Officer situated at Oduduwa Street, G.R.A. Ikeja, Lagos for approval.

Reacting to the statement by the police, the Vice President of Association of Theatre Arts Practitioners (ANTP), Dele Odule said, “The ANTP is yet to receive

any letter from the Lagos Police Command as per that. But I think it is a welcome development. Personally, I believe the police materials should be used to

positively portray the Nigeria Police. Since it is not an outright ban of use of police materials and other accoutrements then I can say it is a welcome development.”