Gubio, Magumeri Were Never Captured, No BH in Gubio, Magumeri ...Gen. Adeniyi. ... No Soldier Killed Except Those Injured

By Ahmed Abu, The Nigerian Voice, Maiduguri
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The Theater Commander, Operation Lafiya Dole, Theater Command Headquarters, Maimalari Cantonment Maiduguri, Major General Olusegun Adeniyi has charged officers and men of the theater command to finish the war against boko haram insurgents and go home,saying, "you are in war today and you will be at peace tomorrow".

He also urged them to continue to stay and do their job that will secure Nigeria. He continued, saying, "and the entire country is behind the soldiers and as for what belongs to you, I have talked to your Unit Commanders to bring food and water to the soldiers at all the times".

General Adeniyi stated on Saturday while addressing officers and men of the 5 Brigade Command, 7 Division, NA Sector 1, Operation Lafiya Dole in Gubio during his routine visits and monitoring of implementation of " Soldiers On Wheels" Concept where soldiers are in vehicles moving up and down from from place to the other patrolling (surveillance) and responding to emergencies/distress calls immediately which is the newest restrategized operational plan of the Nigerian military being adopted against the old system of "Soldiers In Trenches" where soldiers will be stand or be in trenches and wait for the boko haram insurgents to come and meet them or launch their attacks.

He urged them to be strong and to do their jobs confidently , saying, " continue to do the work. Nigerians are behind you. Don't mind those who will just sit in their offices under air condition and accuse you of not doing your job or you are not available and on duty while day and night, under rain, cold and hot sun, you are on duty".

"Some people just sit down in their offices and write nonsense against us and put on social media. They said we are not available. NA has withdrawn its soldiers from villages and towns where you were deployed in trenches.

"They said Gubio and Magumeri has been captured and occupied by boko haram. They said Gubio and Magumeri are on fire and people have been killed and displaced. Where are the people killed.

"They said all sort of things that Gubio and Magumeri no longer exist on earth. I bring the media who are based in Maiduguri, Borno state to come and see for themselves our soldiers on ground, our soldiers on duty 24/hours on routine job, our equipment and vehicles on ground," Adeniyi said.

He added that ,"the people of Gubio and Magumeri were going about their normal life , doing their businesses freely and comfortably, motorists shutting and plying the roads without escort. Villagers are moving in vehicles to observe market in other villages for the journalists to see and tell the world the truth.

"They are lying. Although, one CJTF was killed by the BHTs and two other CJTF were abducted by the boko haram insurgents according to the CJTF but no one single soldier was killed except those injured.

" You people (soldiers) are on ground and doing your job day and night while the residents of Gubio and Magumeri are also available in their homes and doing their businesses. We went round the town of Gubio, even journalists dropped and went round to interview the people freely.

"They went round and spoke to the residents who were going about their normal businesses as if nothing happened on cameras and videos to tell and show to the world that social media are wrong.

"There was an attack but our soldiers on wheels, response team and vigilante groups did not allow them to stay. We intervened immediately. Even Super Response Team came all along from Damasak to Gubio to join the Soldiers on Wheel patrol team in case but the insurgents were on target mission.

" They just went to particular top government and politicians houses and set them on fire and the brigade where the soldiers were stationed being their target because they did not meet them, thus set fire on some of the buildings at the 5/Brigade before moving to Magumeri from Gubio for the same target mission , politicians, government officials and soldiers. Then burn government structures and politicians and ran away but our soldiers are on patrol 24 hours shifting the soldiers ," Adeniyi said.

"I thank you for your efforts, sacrifices and bravery for being men, faithfully standing on ground to fight the boko haram insurgents. I am in Gubio for the lies about Gubio and Magumeri that soldiers are not in Gubio and Magumeri. That boko Haram insurgents are in Gubio and Magumeri. Boko haram have looted, taken over and captured Gubio and Magumeri.

" I know soldiers have been on ground and in the bush. I urge you to report any body that is betraying or sabotaging the country and military, carrying foods and goods to the boko haram insurgents ", Olusegun added.

He also called on them to strongly work and go home, saying, " you are in war today and you will be at peace tomorrow. They (journalists) have seen you. We are here (Gubio) and Magumeri ".

" I beg you to continue the work with the CJTF. Be diplomatic with them. Police are our friends and partners. Work with them. Make up your minds.

"If you end this work, your unit commanders have plans for you. We are counting on you and will be here almost everyday with you. Note that I appreciate you deeply and very deeply. I pray God to guide and protect you", Adeniyi said.

The Garrison Commander, 7 Division NA Sector 1, Brigadier General Sunday Igbinomwanhia in interview with journalists at Jakana town along Maiduguri-Damaturu road said there was never a time soldiers were withdrawn from their duty post and they have never left the villages and towns along the highway without soldiers as speculated all over the country scaring motorists and passengers.

He added that soldiers were always on ground on wheel (vehicles) patrolling , moving from one place to another on schedule of 8 or 10 or 12 hours as the soldiers we're on 24 hours daily.

According to him, the garrison has men on wheel patrolling everywhere apart from the Response Team and The Super Force Squad that traces hideouts of boko haram insurgents.

The Garrison Commander further explained that the military have also in place a Special Super Force Squad that respond to emergencies and core attacks and carry operations in hard core areas on intelligence within the sector command on 24 hours duty on routine basis where soldiers and officers are routed and oriented either weekly or fortnightly.

General Sunday added that so far there has been cordial and smooth working relationships between the collaborating security agencies in the area as well as enhanced civil a military relationship between the residents of communities within the sector and the Nigerian military.

He said despite the notable few challenges in the implementation process of the new concept, 'soldiers on wheel against the former strategy of 'soldiers in trenches being adopted now by the military to finish the war. Additional mobility and soldiers will be provided soon when soldiers on wheel will be everywhere.

The GC further said that no matter what it takes, weather and other environmental factors or conditions are being considered for the soldiers as part of the training.