An Open Letter to the Governor of Kaduna State Your Excellency Mallam Nasir El-Rufai on The Recent Commissioning of the Zaria Water Project.

Source: AdiDI, Dokpesi Timothy. 
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The Kaduna State Government House,
His Excellency Mallam Nasir El-Rufai,
The Executive Governor of Kaduna State,
Kaduna State.
22nd August, 2019.
Your Excellency Sir,
This is yet another opportunity to have reasons in reaching your office for another latest development on the Commisioning of the Zaria Water Project in Kaduna State; which was just commissioned by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari. This development is not only fundamental, but an important aspects of the basic needs of life. This definitely shows how focus your government can be in matters of what constitute human needs for the betterment of society.

Your Excellency Sir, Pipe Borne Water constitutes an average Nigerian need to live in good health so as to respond to the natural desire of survival. No human being survives without water and your government no doubt in understanding the physio-biological dynamics have gone extra miles to use tax payers money to bring water to the Zaria community. Your Excellency Sir, once again I congratulate you on this great achievement and wish that your counterparts in other state will follow your footstep.

Your Excellency Sir, this development of the Zaria Water Project commissioned today is progress made in the right direction and we hope this gestures will be extended to other parts of Kaduna State that needs same Water Project. This is very important Your Excellency because in your cosmopolitanization and urbanization framework policy your government has focused on there is a need for your government to respond to the engagements of political economy so that your stewardship as you have always accounted for will generate into more value and score your office more political point for your future political carreer.

It is my earnest prayer your Excellency that as you continously engage with the people to translate their votes into the dividends of democratic consolidation, the Kaduna State people will in turn carry out their political duty and obligation to the state. It is important for the Kaduna State people to understand their own role in political engagement and infrastructural development so that the development of Kaduna State will be a symbiotic development as we all contribute to your administration as the Chief Executive Officer and Governor of Kaduna State.

Your Excellency Sir, In the past weeks, Kaduna State have had relative peace without any issues of security threats and I am also aware how your government is ensuring a Kaduna State free of any threat of insecurity and so far, since the swearing in of your government in this second term your internal security within the state for now has been worthwhile.

I use this opportunity to thank and appreciate your esteemed commissioner of internal security Mr. Samuel Aruwan for his commitment to duty as we have never doubted your choice for this significant responsibilities you have entrusted to him in your wisdom.

As we anticipate a weekend tomorrow, your Excellency Sir, I wish you a wonderful weekend and hoping that as you keep holding meetings with your state cabinet, they will continously give you the needed counsel for a balance political economy as we hope to make government a tool in integrating and creating a society in which we all shall be happy eventhough as human beings you cannot make everyone happy; because no matter how hard you try Your Excellency, some human beings will always complain including me. This is human nature Your Excellency and we hope that we shall all cope with it.

Happy anticipated weekend Your Excellency.
Long Live Your Excellency Mallam Nasir El-Rufai,
Long Live the People of Kaduna State,
Long Live the People of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

ADIDI, Dokpesi Timothy writes from Kaduna 08138605055 [email protected]