An Open Letter to the Governor of Kaduna State Governor

Source: AdiDI, Dokpesi Timothy. 

Fellow Nigerians,
An Open Letter to the Governor of Kaduna State Your Excellency Mallam Nasir El-Rufai

The Kaduna State Government House,
His Excellency Mallam Nasir El-Rufai,
The Executive Governor of Kaduna State,
Kaduna State.
21st August, 2019.
Your Excellency Sir,
Firstly, I congratulate you on the recent appointments you have made into your cabinet to help drive home your cosmopolitanization and urbanization process of your policy framework. These appointments made so far and knowing the calibre of people you have appointed have given a very strong impression of the focus your government; I say to you Congratulations! More so, recently via the social media I saw you play host to your security apparatus in the State as they dine and wine with you and one could see the dynamic relationship that is existing between you and your subjects; this for me is indeed a welcome development as we see leaders constantly integrated with their subjects and the psychological predisposition the subjects will enjoy as they carry out their duties. I hope other Governors might have been doing this, as well as other CEOs.

Your Excellency Sir, the reason for this letter is to appreciate your kind and open gestures as the online recruitment process is going on. The very first time I saw the Publicity of the recruitment vacancies I was shocked to my bone marrow and for the very fist time since I was born in Nigeria as one who has always engaged myself in the labour market, I have never seen age limit for application to be fifty (50) years of age. Most application and recruitment publicity I see in Nigeria set the age limits to usually 25 - 30years. It is possible that there are but the once I have personally been coming in contact with did not place age limit to fifty (50) years old. This for me is the greatest and most welcoming development in the industry of employment. It is so pained when people who are unemployed and have reached certain age and they are told that there is an age limit given for the job and that is enough to make an individual contemplate suicide because it begins to make one hopeless when been discriminated against on the ground of his/her age.

More so, Your Excellency, the delight I have in the recruitment process is the openness to include indigenes and non-indigenes of Kaduna State and this means that the recruitment process is open to Nigerian Citizenship. This for me is another edge and a plus to this government in a country where there is always a problem of citizens and indigeneship and who belongs to where and what belongs to who. Nonetheless, the recruitment process is open in such a way that every Nigerian can apply irrespective of their geographical provenance, religious affiliation, social extraction, political differences and ethnic affinity. This I am sure will enhance and boost your cosmopolitanization and urbanization process of your policy framework in Kaduna State. This was exactly what use to be before as we enjoyed the Kaduna of the those good old days. On this note your Excellency I believe the people of Kaduna State will appreciate your dynamic initiative. It is a welcome development.

Your Excellency Sir, another area your recruitment process have created hope for the Kaduna State people is the area of meritocracy and competence. This has been the issues that has made so many things gone wrong as sentiments and prejudice are criterias for recruitment and employment in Nigeria.

Your Excellency Sir, with this new development in the recruitment process, it is the desire of the people of Kaduna to see that the selection process will meet up to this values of employment and recruitment process. Your Excellency, I am well aware that you might not be involved in the direct recruitment process because of the commitments and time frame involved but I am also aware that you have what it takes to protect and guard the process of recruitment and employment. It is the earnest prayer of the Kaduna State people to ensure that there will be fairness and openness to the commitment of your cosmopolitanization and urbanization policy framework. There is the temptation from people in government as a result of the human factor to hijack the process so as to make the recruitment process a ‘family affair’; but we are also optimistic that Your Excellency will ensure that the less priviledge who have the competence and merit for the job should also be considered in the realization of an inclusive government.

Lastly, your Excellency, I am very much happy with the completion of the Dakace road in Zaria that your government rehabilitated and completed. In fact, plying through that road was for me a wonderful achievement for this administration. I used to know what that road looks like in the early 2000 but today the road to Jos will be very smooth and this will also reduce the accident rate for cautioned drivers. It is my earnest prayers your Excellency that this is extended to the Ungwan Areas in Kaduna South like Ungwan Sunday, Television, Narayi, Gonin Gora, Romi, Ungwan Maigero, etc. I believe if this road network are made it well contribute to the integration of your cosmopolitanization and urbanization infrastructural framework. I know I have made this request in my other letters I have earlier written; but as we were taught those days in school that repetition strengthens the memory. We hope and pray that before your government expires this areas be looked into with the passion of your cosmopolitanization and urbanization process of your policy framework.

Thank you Your Excellency Mallam Nasir El-Rufai in anticipation of your continous kindness.

Once again Your Excellency I wish you a frutiful week in office.

Long Live Your Excellency Mallam Nasir El-Rufai,
Long Live the People of Kaduna State,
Long Live the People of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

ADIDI, Dokpesi Timothy writes from Kaduna [email protected] 08138605055