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Odimegwu Onwumere Loses Revered Grand mother

By The Nigerian Voice
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The Nigerian Voice multiple Award winning Columnist, prolific writer, poet and general media consultant, Mr Odimegwu Onwumere has lost his Beloved grand mother Ezinne (Helena) Onwumere.

In a statement to The Nigerian Voice, our bereaved colleague said this of her departed Grandma: "It has been over a little weeks since I lost our Grandmother, Ezinne (Helena) Onwumere, popularly called Mama Aunty, to death. The enlarged Onwumere family has not been the same since then. Everyone has a vacuum to nurse because of her passage. The waiting trial is that we will be planting her to the soil by August 26-27, waiting when she will germinate again.

I will be missing Mama Aunty's spices of Ofe Ukpo na Ede; some others garnished with utazi, uzuza, nchuawu, ugbogiri, oha soup, and others. Her demise keeps running in my head over and over again. Her transition is one of the million things that have given a new way and meaning to my reasoning. As I grow older and without some of our family members I started the journey of life with, a part of my world does not relish with comfort as it used to.

Some loss of beloved ones are hardest. This loss is one! My head has not been with me lately even though I do not sob hysterically. I would have sought for the support of our family members to overcome my grieve, but I would be disappointed because they are grieving as well. Well, I will take solace in the fact that there is someone out there who has my back and I am not into this alone. Adieu! Mama Aunty".

The Nigerian Voice wish the Soul of the departed to rest in Peace.