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Imo Cp And His Style Of Fighting Crime

Source: Prof. Protus Nathan Uzorma (The Reformer)
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“Hey stop there, pack your car! And come down!” This was the bewildered voice of an angry police man on road block. When my driver consequently stopped and came down from his car and produced all the documents of the vehicle as demanded, they were satisfied. One of the police officers asked him to continue his movement while the other insisted that he should pay a little sum of money for not stopping immediately he was commanded to do so. This bilious situation ignited argument, disagreement and dispute between both police officers. One was of the view that with the new state of things in Imo State, the CP will frown at such and will discipline them should he know of it, the other insisted and suddenly shouted, “Whether CP know of it or not, man must wak”.

I watched both of them with keen interest and discovered that one was working with his conscience while the other was not. I also observed in equanimity and equability that both of them were arguing on what they regarded as their right; as a result, I saw two groups of police men on duty one with conscience the other searching for daily bread by all means. No doubt this is very common in line with human existence.

I am not a police man neither do I desire to be, but from the look of things in Imo State, one can say that the Commissioner of police Mr. Rabiu Ladodo who assumed office in Imo in April 2nd2019 as the 34 Commissioner of police in Imo came with the mind of getting the job done. Nobody will ignore the fact that security challenges in our state have been on the increase due to known factors but the leadership of the CP is doing justice to it. Kidnapping, arm robbery, and other related crimes are on daily increase and Mr. Rabiu is actually dealing with the situation as demanded. The leadership dexterity of the CP as well as his various programmes all point to the fact that he is the police commissioner needed for the job.

I am not interested in blowing anybody’s trumpet neither am I a fan to any police boss; yes, no great man a fan to any man. However, when a good leader performs the unimaginable in the right direction he ought to be commended, appreciated and rewarded. The new police commissioner who consequently held various positions at different places before his present position in Imo State has provided a platform for the police in Imo State to perform the great task before them. The present police administration in Imo State has developed a blue print to assist all police officers in Imo State to achieve their noble goals. The blue print however was tailored in tandem with the new Inspector General Police (IGP) agenda.

As a social critic, leading opinion molder that is widely read in the National Newspaper, I’m very careful on the things that I say. I do not associate with failures nor do I have interest in praise singing. What I have discovered about the CP is what I am giving back to the society that I belong. To fight crime is not an easy task at all and whosoever that has distinguished himself in the fight against crime and criminality must be appreciated.

In his vision which includes to bequeath to Imo people, a people’s police that is friendly in outlook, appreciated by members of the public, efficient in service delivery and nurtured by a well-motivated and dedicated work force. This ultimate vision motivated by piteous consciousness is aimed at creating a safer and more secured environment conducive to meaningful socio-economic development, through crime prevention and control. Given that the mission and vision cannot be achieved in a vacuum, some strategies have hitherto been formulated.

Effective crime control is a major ingredient which oils the wheel of peaceful co-existence and sustainable growth and development of any society. Its absence in a developing society equates it with lawlessness, topsy-turvy of social order and chaos leading to not just the insecurity of life and property but to also economic and political sabotage. Today, the Imo State command of the Nigerian police is an integral part of the Nigerian police action plan to tackle crime in order to build safer, stronger and healthier communities. Within his few months in office he has been able to track down many criminals.

In fact the Imo Commissioner of police has shown a great deal of responsibility in the implementation of proactive measures in crime control strategies that have worked “magic” for the common good of the people of Imo State. Today I can boldly attest to the fact that the police in Imo State are working with serious commitment. This unalloyed commitment in this context, does not rule out the ‘roja’ propensity that has hitherto become an endemic culture inherent in their social “genes”.

Like the sayings of Prof. Chinua Achebe, “without peace, no meaningful social programme can be undertaken; without justice social order is constantly threatened”. It is obvious from the foregoing that the noble administrative adroitness of Mr. Rabiu Ladodo has brought peace in Imo State. This should not be overemphasized as kidnappers, armed robbers and other related social vices are now receiving it very hot from the police boss. Nigerian police can work if they truly want to work. In order to make them work they should be motivated. This motivation however is the secret behind the success of Imo State command of the Nigerian police.

It is on record however that the Imo State command of the Nigerian police has employed effective and cost effective ways to prevent and reduce crime by intervening on the risk factors before crime happens. The approach of this new administration has been the promotion and implementation of effective crime prevention practices. The command under the pragmatic leadership of the Imo State police commissioner, is working closely with partners, stakeholders in the Sate and beyond to develop and implement results-driven programmes that targets specific crime issues. Sharing information on public safety and security has helped the command to ensure that individuals, communities and organizations share the right information at the right time to keep the Sate safe from criminals.

Recognizing that the public safety environment includes a broader set of partners and stakeholder groups, the command extended its initiative beyond law enforcement to address all information sharing relevant to public safety and security a strategy which has worked well for the State. As a result of this, the command had recorded a huge success in its fight against crime. Although people in Imo State can boldly attest to the fact that it has been a very challenging and tasking one

The reason for this piece of information is to authenticate the fact that police in Imo Sate under the leadership of CP Ladodo is working beyond every human reasonable doubt to eradicate crime. According to Chief Obafemi Awolowo, “the man who will not work until it hurts shall not occupy any public office”. William Shakespeare concludes, “To attain excellence means working yourself to the bone. Be not afraid, work does not kill laziness and idleness do”. This is the true position of the new CP in Imo State who usually work himself to the bone as the door is never short to those determine to succeed.

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