ADIDI, Dokpesi Timothy Writes An Open Letter To The Governor of Kaduna State Your Excellency Mallam Nasir El-Rufai 

Source: AdiDI, Dokpesi Timothy. 
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Fellow Nigerians,
An Open Letter to the Governor of Kaduna State Your Excellency Mallam Nasir El-Rufai

The Kaduna State Government House,
His Excellency Mallam Nasir El-Rufai,
The Executive Governor of Kaduna State,
Kaduna State.
18th August, 2019
Your Excellency Sir,
The current significant developments in Kaduna State has made me to increase my letter writing to you via social media as the only means of constantly engaging government for the purpose of good governance and I do this because I know posterity will judge all of us if we do not engage government in the best way we can as great citizens of this Country. In the recent years I have realistically made it known to myself that insulting political leaders or making statements that are undeserving is not the best approach to engage government. Government fails because citizens have failed to engage the government and that is why bad leaders are produced.

Therefore, I use this medium not just to commend your efforts in your leadership administration but to also see those areas that needs attention so that as you do your very best for the good people of Kaduna State everyone will be happy to live a life worth living.

Firstly, Your Excellency, Let me communicate to you as regards the recent attention you have given to young people. In fact, ever since the “Never too young rule bill” was passed, a lot of Nigerian Youths looked at that bill from the perspective of politicking and as an avenue to also share in the “national cake”. Unfortunately, this is not so because if our Nigerian Youths begin to understand the dynamics of leadership then they will also understand that ruling is not just political power but also that ruling is the ability for one to be economically empowered.

Nonetheless, the attention you have given to Kaduna Young People of recent has been able to give a very strong orientation to young people as they take charge of their own economic life first before the political life. Young people need to understand that politics is not an avenue to make a fortune out of politics; but rather it is the ability for people to render the best they can offer their country in true service of love and support. Your Excellency Sir you are indeed beginning to change the narratives as you are making young people to take charge of their economic life so they can see politics not as a means to wealth but a means to contribute to wealth for a larger society than their own personal pockets.

Your Excellency Sir, it is very important for your government to focus in this area of young people who have what it takes to boost the economic and social life of Kaduna State. I am also aware your Excellency that as a Governor and from what I see in your cabinets you love to engage enterprising youthful and purposeful Nigerians who have the brain to drive home your cosmopolitanization and urbanization policy framework; I therefore recommend that more Nigerian Young people with good ideas have access to you so as to showcase their gift and talent that are viable towards economic recovery and social revitalization.

Our Kaduna State can become a place where we have the possibility of foreign investors come as we had it before. Currently, you have attracted World Bank and other foreign agency to get involve in young people and this is very vital presently with high level suicide and unprecedented depression as many Nigerian Youths now become victims. I hope your government will continously seek other foreign partners so that Kaduna State will be to terminal point for tourist attraction.

Your Excellency Sir, no doubt in my mind I am very much aware you have the State at heart but this can only be expressed in the manner you carry our your Inclusion policy through the cosmopolitanization and urbanization framework which is the bedrock of your administration; and the only way it can be measured is through the feasibility and concrete realization of the present realities that confronts of us as a people.

I know definitely you will not be distracted by some agents and enemies of a closed society; but nonetheless, I know your commitments and cosmopolitanization- urbanization framework policy and process surpasses their individualistic tendencies when put in comparison to the realization of your political carreer which I know is very much a collective dream I also share considering the virus of development in your gene and DNA. We are hoping that as the months and years progresses the good people and citizens of Nigeria residing in Kaduna State will indeed say “We indeed had/have a Governor”.

Your Excellency Sir, may your Government continuously have the needed support from both local and foreign partners to drive home your cosmopolitanization and urbanization process of which the young people form it’s bedrock in so far as the greatest of a nations asset or resources is the human resources.

Thank you once again Your Excellency and wishing you the best days ahead in this New Week.

Long Live Your Excellency Mallam Nasir El-Rufai,
Long Live the People of Kaduna State,
Long Live the People of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

ADIDI, Dokpesi Timothy
[email protected]