The Cobra in Matriarchal Beauty

By Alexander Opicho
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It is only a big fool that marries from a matriarchal family

And a heavy-weight duffer marrying from the matriarchal clan

There is always a poisonous cobra, mamba and adder in the matriarchal

Beauty. Snaring like calypso to thrash the callow ridden odyssey in the lover

As it went for the stooges in Kenya blind to the colubrine station falling in love

With daughters, spinsters, wenches, damsels and brunetes of matriarchal heritage

They were swallowed by the inherent colubrine queen at the bottom of matriarchy

It swallowed them all, lawyers, warriors, merchants, politicians, beggars, billionaires,

Lordships of top-notch corporations, gurus of research, legends of foot-ball, din magnates

Negroes, Asians, Britons, Teutonic, Luos, Mulmbe men, Mijikenda and all that had money,

Their kinsmen and tribes now grieve in a song,
Chanting the song of loss in my mother tongue;
Sialile papa!sialile papa! Sicha esirove!
Sialile yaya!sialile yaya! Sicha esirove!
Wanangali wa wabaseve,Niiye wamulile!
Emenyele buli abira! yakhaba mukisumu!
Ese beve! ese beve! ese beve!ese beve!
Alexander Opicho from Lodwar, Kenya) [email protected]