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Iswap Did Not Kill 4o Mnjtf Soldiers 

By The Multinational Joint Task Force
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There is a desperate attempt by certain individuals to promote falsehood regarding a phantom ISWAP attack on MNJTF troops in Baga, which they claim led to the loss of 40 soldiers. This is completely unfounded.

The very last engagement between the MNJTF and ISWAP was on Monday 29 July 2019. On that occasion ISWAP was bloodied, as they lost 10 terrorists, including 4 suicide bombers and equipment. It is therefore surprising that fake news reflecting much more than the opposite is being circulated. The general public is therefore alerted and advised not be misled by purveyors of fake news.

ISWAP and their collaborators are down and hemorrhaging, hence the desperation to declare victory where no action took place.

Colonel Timothy Antigha
Chief of Military Public Information