An Open Letter to the Executive Governor of Kaduna State Your Excellency Mallam Nasir El-Rufai 

By Timothy Dokpesi Adidi
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An Open Letter to the Executive Governor of Kaduna State Your Excellency Mallam Nasir El-Rufai

Your Excellency The Governor of Kaduna State ,
Mallam Nasir El-Rufai
Government House,
Kaduna - Nigeria.
31st July, 2019.
Your Excellency Sir,
I am most delighted to reach out to you through this usual platform as a Nigerian Citizen residing in Kaduna State. I have no doubt in my mind that y ou are convince just as I am that it is our duty as citizens to engage your office as regards the duties you owe this great state that has been put in your custody through the popular votes you received as declared by Independent National Electoral Commission. No doubt, we are aware that there is a case in court either to uphold your election or to declare your votes invalid; nonetheless, we believe that the courts which are the interpreters of the law will do what is necessary for justice to prevail as permissive by the will of Allah (God).

Your Excellency Sir, this letter is not to help the court decide the election but to constantly engage you in the issues of good governance which I know is your main focus in this administration. Your Excellency The Governor of Kaduna State I want to use this medium to once again commend you for your efforts so far since the last letter written by me in relation the issues raised in Kaduna South. I have seen great signs of hope that Your Excellency is beginning to do great works in Barnawa areas with particular reference to the drainage system which has commenced about some days ago. This indeed is very feasible and conspicuous even to the eyes of those who will pretend to think nothing is taking place in the State.

Your Excellency Sir, I am also aware of your systematic and strategic plans you have mapped out for this state and I suppose that this plan is an all inclusive plan knowingly fully well that Your Excellency has a vibrant cosmopolitan gene for development. Each time I pick your book title “The Accidental Public Servant” written by your humble self, I realize how much you love this Country and how best you want this Country to work for the common good despite the misgivings and misinterpretations of your political opponent which is in itself a constituent and integral part of democratic process were oppositions help in building a vibrant democracy.

Your Excellency Sir, it is with this conviction I know that your administration will be open to political engagement from any quarters to make Kaduna State move forward. In so doing Your Excellency I humbly obliged you to remember that you were voted for the people of Kaduna State and in remembering you on this obligation is not because you have forgotten; but we are aware of the fact that you have serious responsibilities that most times can keep you in a manner that can distract your focus and impede in your cosmopolitan outlook. This will help you strike a balance in the principles of administration so that at the end of the day been a father of Kaduna State the entire people of the State will not regret their votes. It is important you get everyone involved both your friends and enemies for us to move the state forward. It is true you have enemies but let the progress of the state go beyond these enemies because life in general naturally breeds enemies.

On this note your Excellency we ask that more attention be given to Kaduna South in those areas I have mentioned in previous letters. I am quite certain that the people of Kaduna South living in Kaduna State are equally convince that before your tenure ends they will not be forgotten. The road networks in Gonin Gora, Ungwan Sunday, Ungwan Boro, Ungwan Romi, Narayi, Television etc needs serious attention. We all need to feel the presence of your proactive administrative skills which is seen and appreciated by those who know you can deliver in a very short time.

Your Excellency Sir, it is important that I also congratulate you for the new political appointments you have made and seeing the level of women in your government shows the great level of civility and gender sensitive you have imbibed in the political culture of Kaduna State. I hope this women will use their office to serve the state rather than their own personal interest as they prove to the world that women can always do better.

Once again Your Excellency I hope and pray that your remainning years of this administration will continously make the generality of the people of Kaduna State proud. We the citizens show our love and support to your government and until then we wish you success in your endeavours.

May Allah (God) bless the work of your hands.
Long Live the Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai

Long Live the Good People of Kaduna State
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
ADIDI, Dokpesi Timothy