Bobi is a disaster waiting to happen!

By Abbey Semuwemba
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Ladies and gentlemen,
Bobi's early annoucement that he's going to stand for the presidency in 2021 has reinforced my observation that the opposition is disunited, disjointed and not doing itself any favours. Announcing his national coordinators that early, was even a worse decision,and I'm sure those in NRM are already celebrating it. Basicaly,the opposition is still not favoured by the systems in place with not much financial power on their own, and that's why their people can easily be bribed. They also don't have enough working and committed people to support everything.So, in a time where hate and prejudice are driving people apart,its important that they should stay united as a block. Early pronoucements,as Bobi's, serve only the purpose of further dividing the opposition- on the basis of 'you're either for Bobi or not'. It also exposes him as a ruthless, calculated and power hungry individual who made a promise to his wife that one day she would be first lady. What a erroneously dysfunctional system we live in, why the great people not leading?

Seriously, I wish I had the time to be a pretender like most now in the opposition that everything about Bobi is milk and roses, because its not. We've seen Bobi's "leading skills" as a first time MP. We've seen his "diplomatic skills" in interviews he's given on Aljazeera, BBC, local TVs, and statements he made as defacto leader of the People Power Movement, we've seen his mendacity in his support of both the DP-Block and Besigye's People govt (depending on what he thought was best for his career). Believe me, he is a disaster waiting to happen. It doesn't even matter anymore if he stands for elections or not in 2021, it's highly likely that he won't be the next president of Uganda.When selecting individuals for a serious job position employers expect to see references, they don't just ignore them and say "oh well let's just see how he does first" when confronted with a litany of past disastrous, and unsuitable behaviours.

Bobi has surrounded himself with weak underlings(apart from young Saasi Marvin-I like him), as he cannot bear competition from anyone with actual competence - but he wants to make all the coverage about him, just as Mr.Museveni Yoweri does, which feeds his base rather than diminishing it. I really do think we have hit rock bottom in this country, especially when people start comparing the Museveni of 1980 to the Bobi of 2000s-- Museveni had been literally the vice president of Uganda while serving as Vice chairperson of the Millitary Commission. Prior to that, he had been in various ministerial positions, and he was a leader of FRONASA--one of the fighting groups against Idi Amin in 1970s.

Can you imagine that some people even think that Bobi is superior to Besigye. I would sooner believe Jesus is coming back from the dead this Christmas (wouldn't mind it either if God above knows). Pretty scary- people can be this thick. What they fail to mention is that Besigye has never been in power as president for 19 years, and he has done everything in his powers to right the wrongs made by Mr.Museveni. Pricks abusing Besigye online think those supporting him are crying in honey and bread...well they're not and don't support Museveni's government - but for the first time in their lifetime they’ve got a leader holding more of the values they want to support in this country than they’ve ever had.

If I could make one suggestion to the People Government and FDC-it's that they focus their challenge on simply removing Museveni from power. I'm glad they passed a resolution today- all agreeing to remove him using peaceful means. Whether that will work or not, that's another debate.Maya Angelou was once quoted as saying "Nothing can dim the light that shines from within" . Therefore, Besigye's light will stop shinning the moment it stops shinning within himself. He has to continue believing in himself regardless of the betrayals, or what others are doing. There's no retirement in struggles.

I'm glad Besigye gave us some needed figures today, in his State of the Nation address, about the state of the country. Stuff like that is important to the elites and academicians, but not to the 90% of the suffering Ugandans.So, i request him to focus more of his future speeches on "today" and "tomorrow", rather than "yesterday"-- Yesterday is for academics.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
"In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism."