A letter to Pastor Bugingo!

By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
Pastor Bugingo!
Pastor Bugingo!
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Dear Pastor Bugingo,
I sincerely believe that you were way off-base in your "kikuluto " public message against your ex- wife( assuming you're already divorced). If you really wanted to explain to your followers as to why you are nolonger together, you would have found better words to use without getting into the nasty details. To publicly humiliate the mother of your children, or someone you have been with that long(over 20 years) is like calling for an H-bomb to be dropped on her in the event that another man tries to start a relationship with her in future. I hope you'll take immediate steps to rectify the situation. I say this as one who's enjoyed several of your recordings on social media but who won't take them seriously anymore until you set things straight. Seriously, if a woman is doing anything you don't like, tell it to her while still married to her, not the public.

We all know that marriage isn't easy, and you have your reasons for getting another woman, and you don't need to justify yourself to anyone. There's nothing wrong with getting a second wife for those who wish to. I think that what has offended many (myself included) is that- we found your language against Ms.Teddy Naluswa Bugingo to be a rather supercilious and arrogant tone. You also try give the impression that while many married men may have been grappling with these complex and emotionally difficult issues, you have the answer and can provide it in form of divorce and public humiliation, which seems extremely simplistic and casual to many of us, not to mention highly insensitive. It is that insensitivity that most rankles, and that has some urging the public to boycott your church, T.V. and other businesses.

I believe that such a boycott, either by followers/purchasers or advertisers, is certainly an appropriate response, and it is surely not (that dreaded word) censorship. With access to a public platform comes the necessity to test your views in the crucible of public opinion, and to live with the reaction of that public. We've heard, since we were small, that we should think before we speak, as what we say tends to affect others in one way or another.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
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