10,000 apply for commissionership, other positions in Ebonyi

By The Rainbow
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Ebonyi State Governor David Umahi says over 10,000 persons have applied to serve as his commissioners, senior special assistants and special assistants. Speaking yesterday while swearing in 22 aides, he said.

“I am told that we have over 10,000 applications for commissioners, SAs, and SSAs. This is in fact troubling and doesn't give me joy at all.

“But let me make this bad news, if I am making more SSAs and SAs, it may not be up to 10% I have made, that is the bad story about it. It is my opinion that we should find something doing not just appointment,” he said.

Umahi alleged that those who served as political appointees in his first tenure were mostly interested in making money, adding that most of them gossiped and worked against him.