Lending My Voice For Death Penalty For Rape!

Source: Dr Tosin Akindele.
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Sordid instances of rape have assaulted our sensibilities these days all so often...

It's as if the rapists have resolved to compete among themselves for the most gory...the most animalistic...the most bestial of experiences they leave us hapless observers, with!

Shouldn't these sordid instances be enough prompts for us to add our voices to the call for rape to attract the death penalty?

If readers know the impunity with which rape is committed, they would retch!

In my late teens and early twenties, I had at least three occasions on which I pleaded with some boys not to gang-rape some ladies. Somehow, they heeded my pleas...

Some years ago, I sent a male nurse to Alaba for printer repairs. Some young men ordered him to kneel down for daring to pass through their midst while they brazenly gang-raped a lady in the open...in broad daylight!

Her offense? "She was dressed scantily "!
Whether the rapists belong to this category ...or those who "specialize" in kids...even if for spiritual purposes, they deserve to die!

Painful deaths!
Or be condemned to life jail in the least...with no parole or pardon.

They don't deserve to dwell among the rest of us!

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