Biafra National Guard [bng] Welcomes Northern Groups Ruga Threats Against Biafrans

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His Excellency; late Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu in 1967 dared imperialists for our collective good; he told them to let go unworkable union we found ourselves but Yakubu Gowon connived with imperialists and murdered 3.5 million defenseless Biafrans. They were murdered because God created them Biafrans and not because they took up arms against the British enterprise called Nigeria. It is on record British led Nigeria could not stand Biafran soldiers hence they resulted to starvation by means of land, sea and air blockade. Children died in their millions; our women raped and properties looted, our heroes were systematically forced to admit no victor no vanquish.

Events continue to show we are conquered people; ranging from politics to social activities, Ojukwu is no more and to Arewa Youths, Biafra has no strong leader anymore. Since the demise of Ojukwu which happened after our Chief of defense staff General Innocent Orji was arrested in 2009, our people continue to face unhindered threats to their lives. They continue to receive quit notice; they are victims of terrorism and state sponsored marginalization. Like a man stigmatized for contracting HIV; the people of Biafra have faced all manner of inhuman treatment for being under Nigerian army occupation.

We presume Arewa and Nigeria have underlined the people of Biafra are talkative and cannot do anything to free themselves. Each leader that tries to complete what Ojukwu started is shunned, bought-over and forced to play to the gallery. When the chief of defense staff of Biafra National Guard took up the challenge in 2007 but was later betrayed- same sabotage that has become a curse, he spent 11 years in detention and his release has once more boosted our confidence and a determined, reshaped BNG welcomes the threats of Arewa Youths.

We are aware 30 days ultimatum was given to the occupational government of Nigeria to rescind suspension of RUGA or decisive actions will follow. We are also aware Arewa’s decisive action is all about extermination of the people of Biafra, who are taken to the slaughter house at any given altercation. Since the demise of His Excellency Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu and surveillance strategic moves of Biafra Transitional Government (BTG) and preparation towards the launch of Biafra Provincial Government(BPG) which will bring to end the Nigerian government occupation of Biafraland. Nigeria and Fulani keep having a field day and recently had the audacity to demand our land be officially ceded to them. Our people keep suffering and since 2008 our chief of defense staff was incarcerated for 11years, we allowed others to handle or find lasting solution to the problem of our people but it has proven futile, the job is laying in wait and we are not scared of the cost.

We hereby challenge Arewa Youths to fulfill their threats for once; they should be ashamed and endeavor to be man enough, lest they are idiots and brain dead. The 30-day ultimatum will soon elapse and we urge them to show what they have. Nigeria has given idiots the voice and uncircumcised Philistines the avenue to wag their tongues against the children of Chukwuokikeabiama. It will not last long and we shall see whose God shall prevail like in the old between Elijah and the prophet of Baal, God of Israel never changes.

However; we are not satisfied with the mere word-response from Ohaneze Ndigbo President and others, for years it has been all words, we have given them chance for so long to politically and socially address this menace but to no avail. We shall henceforth not accept political and social approach to threat of extermination, because our existence is at stake. Everybody have tried and have all failed; we warn Ohaneze Ndigbo leadership to take a seat and go inside, they should not make statements they cannot put into action, as long as they are not ready to fund the youths to secure our land, they should stop political games or we come after them, the idea to come after them in the case of defiance is not a threat, but a certified promise that no human can stop.

The day of reckoning is fast approaching; our live broadcast is coming, a day the world will shake and tremble at the mention of Biafra. We are also watching all the defunct Southern governors; Biafra Transitional Government is taking records and we will ask all of them pertinent questions when the appointed time comes. BNG has a track record; when we talk, we don’t mince words, let alone a reshaped and rejuvenated BNG. We appreciate men and women that deposed confidence in us even without demanding further evidence, the sky shall not be their limit and Biafra is but the price they paid for all the people of Biafra. We shall make them proud!

While we wait for the Northern people to carry out their threats; we are watching and observing and there would be no hiding place for all the people that have contributed in one way or the other to strangulate Biafra. We are also taking records of activities and in due time; we shall address the threats and ensure the people of Biafra have peace and Nigerian military occupation put to an end. The Adjutants of Biafra Transitional Government must continue without relenting to discharge their duties and execute them through the right channel of communication for the upcoming live broadcast that shall usher us into the Biafra Provincial Government.

Long live Biafra!
Long live BNG!
Long live those that truly fight for Biafra!
Colonel Nsikak Akpan
Spokesman BNG