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Tunisia Wisely Bans The Niqab! 

By Dr Tosin Akindele
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On Quote:
"With Friday’s order banning the garment, Tunisia joined a growing list of countries that have banned the niqab out of concern that full body coverings can hide weapons or explosive devices used to carry out terrorist attacks.

Sri Lanka banned face coverings after deadly attacks on Easter earlier this year.

Cameroon outlawed full-face veils in a northern region after two women wearing them blew themselves up and killed 13 people in 2015.

And Algeria prohibited women from wearing the niqab at work in 2018".

With genuine concerns about security reason for the niqab ban predicated on the clandestine use of this female Islamic veils by terrorist suicide bombers, one would have expected that common sense would prevail and that diehard Muslims insistent on its use see the bigger picture...that such ban is because terrorists disguised in Islamic veils hide guns and bombs under huge gowns...

So you can imagine my dismay when in the not too distant past, Mrs Nymar Akashat-Zibiri, one of the all-female hosts of an early-morning talk show on a tv station in Nigeria rudely shut up a caller who expressed these genuine and logical concerns...

In her saucy words which I still recall clearly, she briskly told the muted caller: "it's none of your business what Muslim women wear!" when the latter suggested the hijab rather than the niqab "at least for now"!

And so I hereby reiterate and insist that:
It is my business to advocate for a ban on what you wear if terrorists use it to conceal bombs that endanger my life and limbs under it!