Video of Senator assaulting woman in Abuja sparks outrage

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A video showing a Senator beating up a woman in a sex toy shop in Nigeria's capital Abuja has sparked outrage with many calling for his prosecution and ouster as a lawmaker.

In the  video, published exclusively by Premium Times,  Senator Elisha Abbo, who represents Adamawa North Senatorial District, is shown launching a brutal attack on a woman who tried to stop him from assaulting another woman attending to customers in the shop.

The Senator accused the shop attendant of insulting him and asked a policeman with him to arrest her. Obviously concerned for her safety, the attendant made a call and tried to inform someone about what was happening.

But this only angered the Senator who ordered her to stop the call. Things took a violent turn when a man with the lawmaker tried to smack the phone away from the shop attendant's hand and another woman who was watching the drama intervened.

The Senator became livid and launched an attack on the woman who had only urged them to “take it easy”, slapping and hitting her before ordering the policeman to arrest.

As the policeman did his bidding, dragging her away despite the pleas of the shop attendant who was the initial target, the Senator continued his assault.

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The assault, which happened on May 11 according to the Premium Times report, has led to shock and outrage. 'Justice For Victims'

Amnesty International is among those that have called for the Senator to be investigated.

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Amnesty Int. Nigeria
✔ @AmnestyNigeria
Amnesty International is calling on Nigeria Police @ PoliceNG to investigate Senator Elisha Abbo (Adamawa North) for alleged assault on staff of an adult shop he patronizes in Abuja. Video of the senator assaulting women is widely available for police to act: # Nigeria @ NGRSenate

6:02 PM – Jul 2, 2019
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“This must be investigated. Victims of his violence must get justice,” the human rights organization said in another tweet about the attack.

Festus Keyamo, SAN
✔ @fkeyamo
The case of Senator Elisha Abbo is very straightforward: the Police MUST IMMEDIATELY take three steps: 1. Arrest him (no formal complaint is needed with the evidence on tape) 2. Obtain his statement (if he's willing to make one) and that of the victim 3. Arraign him in court.

9:33 PM – Jul 2, 2019
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Actress Kate Henshaw was among celebrities who have condemned the action declaring the assault unacceptable.

Kate Henshaw
✔ @HenshawKate
Shame on you Elisha Abbo, some senator representing adamawa north senatorial district..

Shame on you!!
Putting hands on anyone is NOT acceptable..
Shame on you..
6:02 PM – Jul 2, 2019
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Uche Jombo Rodriguez
✔ @uchejombo
I love how all she said was ” oga take it easy ” as he getting more aggressive towards the other girl.

For those people that will find excuses for anything” women talk too much, she must have provoked him video with correct audio.

Elisha Abbo must be held accountable.
10:49 PM – Jul 2, 2019
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Rapper M.I. Abaga described the action of the policeman at the scene shameful, with fellow artist Banky W sharing his sentiments.

  YouTube   ‎@ YouTube
Banky Wellington
✔ @BankyW
# ShameOnSenatorElishaAbbo for physically assaulting an innocent woman in Abuja. Shame on him. And shame on us for allowing the worst of us to claim the title of Senator. A disgrace. Pls RT @ PoliceNG @ PoliceNG_CRU @ PoliceNG_News # ArrestSenatorElishaAbbo https://  

6:08 PM – Jul 2, 2019
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JJ. Omojuwa
✔ @Omojuwa
If the Senate doesn't sanction Elisha Abbo or whatever his name is, they are saying his barbaric act is acceptable to the Senate. And if that is the case, it wouldn't be a Senate of and for civilised people, it would be a Senate of and for Barbarians!

8:20 PM – Jul 2, 2019
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Many more Nigerians and activists condemned the assault and demanded justice for the victim. They also urged the Senate to act on the matter and demanded the dismissal of the policeman involved.

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